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Dear Diary

By Rebecca Dutta

September 7, 2010

7:00 AM

Today, my alarm clock must have rung at least five times before my sister finally barged into my room to tell me to, “shut the darn snooze button!” Painful moments later my dog ran into my room and brushed his furry coat against my stunned face, demanding attention.  As if that weren’t enough, my mom walked in to tell me sweetly that I needed to wake up, and when that didn’t work, she pulled off my blanket, leaving me shivering in the Tuesday morning chill.  Why did this morning feel so much like a déjà vu incident?

9:30 AM

The irony of first period on the morning after Labor Day weekend is that the cheerful, excited attitudes I witnessed on the first day of school have magically disappeared. It’s as if the adrenaline has worn off, leaving me aware of the fact that the next however many days of the school year will the same over and over again.

I grudgingly pulled out the homework that had taken up most of my weekend and left it on the desk to get stamped.  I copied down today’s assignment and promised myself it would be finished by 10:30 pm, not 7:30 tomorrow morning.  Then when the bell rang, I hiked my boulder backpacks onto my already sore shoulders and trudged to second period.  No wonder it’s déjà vu.

10:15 AM

Out first chemistry test in next week! Just great.  Now I have to spend my weekend studying for those dreadful Mission tests.  Is the answer A, B, C, A and C, or all of the above?  Do I really even care as long as I learn the material?! I miss the freedom of summer when I was in charge of my own life!  Now instead of planning the next party or summer trip, I have to spend my life glued to the dry pages of a textbook.  I can’t wait to get home and just sleep for a while!

Dear Diary

September 9, 2010

3:50 PM

Today I realized how much I miss eating lunch with all my friends!  I haven’t laughed or goofed around so much while eating since last school year.  Yes, there’s the occasional freezing day when we huddle together in silence rather than enjoy our lunches, but usually, lunch the highlight of my day.  I’m glad to be able to eat with all my friends again.

Sometimes- just sometimes– I actually think that school can be a little fun.  I mean, minus the multiple choice disasters and the constant, “What did you get?” parrots, it can be pretty enjoyable.  When else do you get to hang out with friends every single day?

Dear Diary,

September 13,2010

7:30 PM

It’s been one week since the Post-Labor Day depression hit our school, but I must say that it’s starting to get a little better.  Summer has its perks, but school can be equally exciting…with the exception of cruel multiple choice tests.  Yesterday, we had the most amazing lab in chemistry! Definitely not something I could have done at home! So even though I now have to spend hours toiling over my lab write up, I guess I’m o.k.  And, no, it’s not déjà vu every single morning.  I guess if I make an effort to make my day more interesting, the adrenaline of summer  never really goes away.

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