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Must-Listen Radio Stations: Overview

By Chelsea Dass

WiLD 94.9, 89.3 KOHL, and MOViN 99.7 are all too familiar. They are probably the most commonly listened to stations on the radio, especially by teenagers. Known for their late night remixes and top billboard pop and hip-hop hits, their playlists are fun to dance to, but are also known for “ruining” songs by overplaying the most popular ones. Maybe it is time to try exploring the other frequencies on the radio for a change. It may come as a surprise that there is a plethora of other genres and quality DJs on the radio—so make room, for you might discover some new favorites on these FM wavelengths.

FM 91

91.1 is the local jazz station with oftentimes easy-going and soulful compositions. Accomplished present day Bay Area artists as well as renowned wonders like Aretha Franklin and Nat King Cole are found on this station. It is perfect if looking for something to smile and relax to. 91.1 is especially recommended for those who listen to and enjoy the classical instrumentals of 102.1, but are perhaps in search of a different type of spice and pizzazz.

95.7 The Wolf

“Country for the Bay Area,” 95.7 is a one hundred percent country station with more than just Taylor Swift.  Tune in for classic country in addition to the top label artists like Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum. The Wolf is the perfect station if looking for smooth sing-a-long songs with lyrics that make magic out of the mundane activities of life. Country music serves as a respite from songs about girls and partying.

96.5 KOIT

The Bay’s “lite rock, less talk” station is characterized by its softer playlist fit for a work place environment (remember the dentist’s office). But don’t be turned away, because the playlist includes a variety of classic hits ranging from artists like Sade, Norah Jones, Kelly Clarkson, and Beyoncé. 96.5 is one of those rare stations that still has oldies like 80’s music and the dearly missed Michael Jackson. Don’t forget, come winter time, 96.5 plays Christmas and holiday music (from “Frosty the Snowman” to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You”.)

97.3 ALICE

97.3 is a mixture of old and new with rock, pop, and some Top 40 hits. Listeners can expect Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, and John Mayer, but also enjoy Prince, Timbaland, and The Smashing Pumpkins. 97.3 is one station where the radio hosts have a significantly greater part on air, where they dish in on celebrity gossip, upcoming Bay Area concerts (most commonly at the Shoreline Amphitheater), artists, and current events. Do the vivacious and comedic Sarah and Vinnie ring a bell?

Live 105

105.3 is the Bay Area’s alternative station with a strong emphasis on today’s alternative hits. Rise Against, Muse, and 30 Seconds to Mars are some commonly played artists, but hit songs from other genres, like Eminem’s rap “Not Afraid” and Travie McCoy’s reggae “Billionaire” are occasionally slipped in. From Jack Johnson to Bob Marley to Metallica, 105.3 covers a wide range of those irresistibly catchy alternative, rock, punk rock, and heavy rock jams.

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