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Beginning of the Year Advice

By Sonia Dhawan & Audrey Wu


1. Enjoy having your home in the N-wing! But don’t just stay in one place. Explore the whole campus.
2. Get involved in your first homecoming—it sets the basis for the next three years.
3. Take a risk and run to McDonald’s at least once. It’s a staple of the freshman experience!
4. Don’t stress out about SATs just yet.
5. Get involved in clubs! Just don’t overdo it—you do not need to be a member of every organization on campus.


1. Read for pleasure. As you get older, reading gets pushed to the back of the to-do list.
2. Get a job. Junior prom next year is going to be expensive!
3. Keep up your grades. Just because you’re not juniors yet doesn’t mean your classes aren’t difficult!
4. Let the freshmen take the N-wing. It’s hard, we know, but you’re not freshmen anymore.
5. If you want to get into L2, Yearbook, Smoke Signal, or Peer Resource, now is the time to make yourself stand out. Show interest and learn more about these organizations and what they do.


1. Make a schedule and stick to it—trust us, this will help make this hectic year much more manageable.
2. Get ready for junior prom!
3. Make it a point to hang out with your friends. Everyone’s busy this year, but don’t let that affect your relationships.
4. You’re upperclassmen now! Get your licenses and go out!
5. Finish all your major tests before senior year. You do not want to have to worry about the SATs as a senior!


1. Go to all the dances! Experience high school life as much as you can.
2. Visit the teachers who contributed to your high school experience—even if you’re not asking for a recommendation.
3. Make a list of things you want to do with your friends before you leave.
4. Take an underclassman out to lunch! Didn’t you dream of charming seniors asking to take you out when you were freshmen?
5. Get ready for Senior Ball!

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