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Fremont celebrates annual Earth Day Festival

By: Staff Writers Michael Qu & Priyanka Shah

In light of Earth Day, the City of Fremont hosted its annual green-themed celebration from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Downtown Event Center & Plaza. With the City of Fremont partnered with  Washington Hospital Healthcare System, the festival featured booths from local organizations and clubs dedicated to conserving the environment and  Earth. In addition, interactive activities including art booths and honey-tasting run by volunteers attracted children and adults alike to learn about sustainable practices, with live music performances adding to the excitement of the festivities.

The event featured many organizations dedicated to sustainability, including Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont (LEAF), Alameda County Water District (ACWD), Daily Bowl, and the Grey Water Project. With LEAF focusing on community education on regenerative agriculture, ACWD ensuring clean water provision for our city, and the Grey Water Project advocating for grey water reuse and water conservation, the organizations showcased their unique approaches in promoting eco-friendly practices.

Tables showcasing vibrant posters and infographics lined the walkways, and organization representatives enthusiastically engaged with attendees, sharing insights on their organization’s goals and giving tips on living greener lifestyles. “We tried to provide information about our local volunteer organizations that do great work for sustainability and what people can do in their own lives to reduce climate impacts,” Environmental Services Manager Kathy Cote said.

With such a wide array of activities and booths, attendees of all ages found themselves immersed in the festivities. From diverse fauna to informative posters, everyone could enjoy and learn something. Children enthusiastically took part in hands-on activities like water-painting and puzzles, while adults engaged in thoughtful conversations with organization representatives. The vibrant atmosphere, fueled by live music performances and the passion of the volunteers, created a sense of community and shared commitment to environmental conservation. As attendees explored the event, they gained valuable insights to take meaningful action towards a more sustainable future. “There’s lots of volunteering opportunities. The students volunteer here at the Earth Day event, but then also throughout the year, there are different things, like litter cleanups and habitat restorations. The nonprofit partners have volunteer opportunities, and students can reach out to the city Environmental Services Department for projects that they want to do. If they want to do environmental projects, they can reach out and we connect them as best as we can,” Environmental Services Representative Allyn Mcauley said. 

In addition to inspiring attendees to adopt sustainable practices, the Earth Day celebration also mobilized community members to participate in environmental initiatives. Volunteer sign-up sheets, informational pamphlets, and interactive activities provided tangible ways for attendees to get involved, through volunteering for clean-up events, donating recyclable material, and joining community gardening projects. “It’s all about outreach. We hit a lot of people here that you normally wouldn’t see in our daily life. We hit about 1,000 to 1,500 people just today. We have people sign up and hopefully, they’re more aware of us, read our newsletter, and know what’s going on,” LEAF President Elaine Owyang said.


How do you feel about the variety of activities offered at this event?

“I think it’s really, really nice. There’s stuff about pruning and growing plants, recycling, less waste, art, and how to rescue food. I think it’s really informative and really fun.” – StopWaste Representative Utsa Ray

“Really impressed. There’s a lot of really interactive demos like the honeybees and the composting. The city is here getting public feedback about different places and there’s an indoor section with more booths, including, I think there’s like a science booth that has really interesting greenhouse gas emission and electricity demos. They also have an arts and crafts section. So, I think it’s super diverse is very well thought out.” – Ava Community Energy Representative Shuge Luo

Do you think events like these are effective in promoting environmental awareness and action?

“Yes, I think it is because it’s a chance for people to get more involved with different community boards. It’s a chance for people to meet others who care about the same families. It’s also like a very faithful community gathering, showing us that oh, there are efforts being made. There are ways you can contribute and you’re gonna follow up after months.” – Ava Community Energy Representative Shuge Luo

“Yeah, I hope so. At least, people come out and see how they can waste less food and other small things that they could do in their daily lives. Hopefully, it’ll inspire people to make some changes in their own life.” – StopWaste Representative Utsa Ray


Graphics by: Staff Writers Michael Qu & Priyanka Shah


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