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What does Multiculturalism Mean to You? | The Smokie Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

By Staff Writers Sabrina Cai, Tavish Mohanti, Joanne Park, & Tanisha Srivatsa

Multiculturalism is defined as the presence of several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society, but what does it mean to you? In this episode of The Smokie Podcast, hear from Staff Writers Tavish Mohanti, Sabrina Cai, Tanisha Srivatsa, and Joanne Park about what multiculturalism means in the context of their lives as young Asian-Americans living in the Bay Area. 

The format of this episode is a little different than previous ones — we’ll begin with a roundtable discussion, and transition into one-on-one conversations. Listen to Tanisha and Joanne discuss the intersectionality of activism and Tavish and Sabrina discuss their experiences, hopes, and worries as seniors going to college in the fall.


Episode Timestamps

0:00 to 8:20 Opening Roundtable

8:20 to 21:50 Tanisha and Joanne’s One-on-One

22:00 to 36:30 Tavish and Sabrina’s One-on-One

36:33 to 39:08 Closing Roundtable


Cover Image and Episode edited by Web Editor Mahek Bhora

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