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Pipe Burst Last Week Suggests Implications for MSJ Infrastructure Issues

By Web Editor Shiantel Chiang

A 6-inch pipe between the E-Wing and the girls’ locker room burst early in the morning last Thursday, October 25. FUSD’s Maintenance Department conducted pipe repairs starting last Friday after school and successfully replaced the pipe by the end of the weekend.

According to Principal Zack Larsen, the pipe, first installed when the school was built, was 55 years old. Following the weekend construction, maintenance workers have been adding layers of cement above the new pipe. Funding for the repairs came from the FUSD General Maintenance Fund.

There is potential for pipe deterioration elsewhere at MSJ. According to Larsen, most of the incoming pipes are made out of the same composite material that is subject to decay and impeding tree roots.

However, Larsen believes the school district is well-equipped to handle these problems. After scheduling pipe repairs during the weekend, MSJ relocated the weekend Chinese school and Hindi school classes to other campuses in Fremont. During IHS’s recent power outage which lasted more than a week, their Chinese school classes were temporarily relocated to MSJ and other campuses as well. The schools rotate classes to different sites that have available rooms whenever problems come up at particular campuses.

Due to aging infrastructure, other maintenance issues could occur as well. Larsen said, “The schools in Fremont, unfortunately, are all about the same age … So with that comes deteriorating conditions. Things don’t last forever.”

Photos by Staff Writers Alisha Chhangani and Gregory Wu

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