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Halloween: Pet Edition

By Staff Writers Sahana Sridhar and Gregory Wu

From hot dogs to bat-cats, the pets of MSJ come in many different disguises. The Smoke Signal collected submissions from MSJ students and staff of their pets dressed in Halloween costumes. (Trick or) treat yourselves by scrolling through a collection of selected submissions!

Junior Era Dewan’s Chihuahua-Weiner mix, Molly.

“What do you call a ‘hot dog’ dog during Halloween? A ‘hallo-wiener!'”

English Teacher Nina LaRosa’s cat, Matteo.

“The bat-cat!”

English Teacher Sandra Cohen’s dog, Riley.

“Riley the Thundershirt dog!”

Junior Kelly Yang’s Chihuahua-Spaniel mix, Taffy.

“Taffy, dressed as a flower for her first Halloween!”

Sophomore Aniket Das’s Golden Retriever, Pluto.

“Pluto, dressed as a gentleman.” 

Sophomore Anika Wadhera’s Superman Maltipoo, Muffin.

“This clueless doggo is only in it for the treats!” 

Junior Ashika Kuchhangi’s Shih Tzu, Sophie. 

“Though she only has one eye, Sophie rocks her cute Candy Corn Princess look!”

Graphic Credit Graphics Editor Lucia Li

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