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Stacked Teams: Fair Play?

     The world of sports has become more popular throughout the years as competitive leagues like the National Basketball Association and National Football League have grown to attract viewers from around the nation. A problem that has arisen, however, is the issue of having too many talented players on one team. The question of whether or not stacked teams are fair is one that only time and statistics can judge. Instead of the story of the underdog finishing first after months of rigorous training, the richer teams that can afford to sign superstar players are expected to take home the championship.

     This summer, the Miami Heat miraculously signed all-stars Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade for the upcoming season. A starting lineup composed of these three players already makes the Heat a strong contender for the 2011 NBA championship. The Heat are not necessarily the team to finish first, but their talent-loaded team is already making other competitors seem insignificant. But depending on how Head Coach Erik Spoelstra spreads out his players, it is too early to determine how this stacked team will perform.

     Like the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers also have their share of stars, but the main difference between the two is the team chemistry that only time can develop. Lakers players Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum all played together for many seasons and have a feel for each other’s style of play. The Lakers have an advantage over the Heat because of their experience and time spent playing together. In the end, having a stacked team could be detrimental to the team since not all players are close in range to the superstars’ level of play. While the trio dominates the court at all times, the bench players are left in the dust, waiting hopelessly for their chance to shine.

     However, the NFL has been almost immune to stacked teams for years now. Because of the sport’s many positions to fill, it is difficult for a team to have superstar players on both the offensive and defensive side. It is unlikely that every position can be filled by an outstanding player, which is why football teams have generally avoided this issue. Football requires at least 22 players to be ready to step on the field at all times as opposed to basketball’s five. Because of football’s nature, there is no one player who can hog the ball and score by himself. It’s essential that the team works together to advance towards the end zone.
The challenge in sports is becoming far more advanced and competitive as the level of play continues to increase. Normal and stacked teams are expected to compete for the championship trophy. As this year passes by, we can only wait to see which team will finish with the title.

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