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Coaches Corner: Girls’ Volleyball

Daniel Yang

Favorite Athlete: Dwyane Wade
Favorite Quote: “Just Do It.” – Nike
Interesting Fact: My right leg is slightly shorter than my left leg.

     After leading the MSJ Boys’ Volleyball team to their first league title in 2009, Daniel Yang (Class of ‘09) is back at school coaching the sport he loves best. Hired in the offseason to become the new Girls’ Volleyball head coach, Yang looks forward to a rewarding season with the squad and hopes to continue the recent success of the team. The Smoke Signal spent some time with our newest head coach as he shared his thoughts.

Smoke Signal: What prompted you to return to Mission so quickly?
Daniel Yang: My original intention for the girls this season was to be an assistant coach. When I found out that the previous head coach was unable to coach this season, I figured that there would be a possibility for me to fill that position. With a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to take the initiative and applied for the position.

SS: How has your experience as a player affected your coaching style/strategy?
DY: Everything that I do right now, I have learned from my coaches. However, I’m learning new things every day.

SS: What are some goals you hope to achieve with the Girls’ Volleyball program?
DY: We want to win MVALs, but most importantly we want to maximize our potential.

SS: What’s the tougher job: being a player or being the coach?
DY: It’s definitely tougher to be the coach because you’re responsible for all the players.

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