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Save Fremont Students

Parents have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to FUSD budget cuts. SaveFremontStudents is a campaign to raise $4.5 million by July 15.  This money will go towards Music and PE teachers in grades K-6, reducing class sizes in grades K-3, and reinstating 15 teachers in grades 7-12.

The campaign was started by a Virginia Hom, a parent of a FUSD student. They are now working with Fremont Education Foundation, a non-profit with a long history of funding school sports and other events. Members of SaveFremontStudents include parents, teachers, administrators, and local businesses.

Christina Broadwin, Co-Leader of Volunteers at MSJHS for the campaign said, “At Mission, we are trying to energize students to lead the effort and get more parent involvement. We want to encourage students to get creative… do whatever is exciting to them, a concert, movie night, garage sale, book sale, tutoring, or any ideas they have,” They also hope to reach out to Leadership 2 and other groups around campus  to get more students into action. Fundraising days are planned every weekend from now until July 15.

“We want students to have lemonade or snack booths with fliers and posters to collect donations. We want to have it so when you drive through a neighborhood, you see multiple stations all for the same cause. We have had the administration 100% behind it and they have bent over backwards to help us make copies, put up signs and banners,” said Broadwin. But to raise the $4.5 million dollars, an estimated 100 volunteers are needed. Informational meetings have been taking place around the district, including one on June 15 at Forrest Park Elementary School.

July 8th is Shop for Fremont Students Day, which is when over 50 businesses have agreed to give anywhere from 1-15% of their profits to SaveFremontStudents. Some of these businesses include popular stores such as Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Baskin Robbins, and Applebee’s. Jamba Juice has also agreed to give a portion of their entire summer sales to the cause.

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