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First Annual Family Festival

The family Festival hosted by MSJ Leadership class on May 30, 2009, was a carnival geared towards the Mission community. The event, held on the track field behind MSJ contained numerous rides including, rock climbing and pony rides, as well as games such as mini-golf and balloon throw lining the back field. For the first family festival ever held at MSJ, there was decent turnout.

Although most of the attendees consisted of families with young children, there were a reasonable amount of MSJ students there as well. Rides included a mini jousting arena as well as several bouncy houses which proved to be a hit with the younger ones. Besides the rides for the attendees, there were also many cartoon characters such as Sylvester and Mickey Mouse that were available to take pictures with. Amidst this festive mood, there was live entertainment such as Chinese yo-yo as well as performances by MSJ’s Musical Theater and Jazz Band. In addition to the rides and the entertainment, refreshments were provided. Cotton candy, nachos, and popcorn were among the treats that were sold at the Family Festival.

All in all, MSJ’s Leadership class raised $6,000 and did a phenomenal job hosting the Family Festival, sponsored by Club Sport.

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