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By: Vivian Jair



MSJ: The Musical (MSJTM) is an ongoing musical film project created and directed by Alumnus Doug Wilson. The main team includes Seniors Leena Yin, Lucy Shen, Allan Ko, and Junior Daniel Do, as well as several other alumni.  Set in a darker future version of MSJ, the musical magnifies and explores our school’s stereotypical pursuit of academic success. Within the film, the main characters Jeffrey and Rachel must work together to fight the Syndicate, an organization that sinisterly controls MSJ academics.

Live auditions for MSJTM were held on February 21 and 26-28 and involved both acting from a script and singing a song of one’s choice. Video auditions were also held until March 3. Audition results for lead characters and their understudies were posted on March 6 on the door of P11. The main characters, Jeffrey and Rachel, will be played by Seniors James Gao and Noa Kretchmer. The cast also includes Senior Lillian Choung as Sabrina, Senior Sumedh Bhattacharya as Sid, Senior Lucy Shen as Ashley, Senior Allan Ko as Harjeet, and Sophomore Sean Li as Dealer. Filming will occur at the end of May and the first few weeks of June.

In order to fund publicity, promotion, props, and special effects, MSJTM is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1,500 before the deadline of March 15.  As of March 14, they have currently reached their goal, having raised $2,045 in donations. Having met the target amount, the funds will be processed on March 15. Nevertheless, students, parents, and teachers can still donate online at the Kickstarter page or to the donation jar in B33 to support this film.


To view the Kickstarter page or to help donate (before March 16 only), visit:


To become involved with MSJTM, email:

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