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Sports Quiz Answers!


2. MVAL stands for __________ Athletic League (Mission Valley)
5. Who is the head of MSJ’s PE Department? (Pete Vaz)
6. Making his reappearance in the golfing world, this athlete was earlier found guilty of having an affair with his wife Elin. (Tiger Woods)
7. After going through four months of _______ , the NHL finally resumed its season. (Lockout)
9. From which team was the Winter Athlete of the Season? (Girl’s Basketball)
15. What is the name of the NBA team that is rumored to be moving to Seattle? (Sacramento Kings)
16. Infamous for elbowing James Harden, Ron Artest changed his name to _____ World Peace. (Metta)
17. Which team has a speedo run every year? (Boy’s Swimming)
18. Who was the MVP of Super Bowl 2013 and is now being paid $120 million over a course of six years? (Joe Flacco)
20. MSJ’s homecoming game was against ________ (Kennedy)

1. The San Francisco Giants recently _____ or beat the Detroit Tigers in four games this past World Series. (Swept)
3. What does NCS stand for? (North Coast Section)
4. The national summer sport of Canada is _______. (Lacrosse)
8. What is MSJ’s mascot? (Mission Man)
10. Lebron James is looking to win his ______ ring with the Heat this year. (Second)
11. This athlete was recently accused of doping and confessed publicly on the Oprah Winfrey Show. (Lance Armstrong)
12. MSJ recently had a 3 vs. 3 _______ tournament. (Basketball)
13. What sport was recently removed from the 2020 Olympics? (Wrestling)
14. Which team took 3rd at State Championships this year? (Girl’s Golf)
19. Which country won the 2010 FIFA World Cup? (Spain)

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