ASB Candidate Elections: Activities Coordinator

By: Shirby Wang


Smoke Signal: What previous experiences have you had working with the student body and how will it show if you’re elected AC?

Tara Ruff: I have been a part of leadership for two years now and have been swimming for almost ten. I feel like this has taught me the perseverance, dedication, and mental and physical characteristics a good Activities Coordinator and leader would need. Swimming has given me a lot of experience working with others and being just a charismatic, bubbly person in general. The first words that come to most people’s minds when they think of me is animated and full of life, and I know that if elected I’ll be able to portray this and much more on stage to pump everyone up and get Mission going!

Stephanie Chin: I’m involved in both Leadership II and Peer Resource, so I’m used to planning events, from PeerTalk, to the next Campus Beautification project. I was also a part of Hopkin’s leadership class, where we planned an activity every other Friday, so I know what it takes to be an AC. And through competing for Mission’s Speech Club, Gymnastics team, and Track team, I can accommodate a variety of different interests!


Stephanie Chin

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SS: This year’s Friday Activities and assemblies have been extremely popular with the student body. Do you have any plans for next year’s?

SC: If I am elected AC I definitely plan to bring back the more popular activities, as well as the more traditional ones, such as Mission Man, and BF/GF vs BFF. I’ve asked around the student body for some input on future activities, and I’ve gotten tons of responses. I definitely would want to make the Friday activities more regular and when possible have at least one every two weeks, if not once a week. Ideas I have for next year include maybe a Jeopardy! Mission Edition mini-tournament, and a Pi Day activity on March 14th, national Pi day. All in all, I just plan to bring a lot of enthusiasm to the position and hopefully uniteMission more as a school through the activities.

TR: One of my main goals for the upcoming year if I’m elected is to really incorporate what the students atMission want to see in the Activities. I’ve seen the potential we have during Homecoming week and I want us to reach that potential all the time! If students have their own ideas in what’s happening, I know more people will get pumped up to see and be a part of them. I loveMission more than anything and to get to have the chance to make people happy and have a good time? I can think of nothing better!


SS: Tell us about yourself and why you feel best qualified for the position.

TR: Ever since Freshmen year watching Dylan, who was the AC then, up on stage making people laugh and have an all around good time, I have wanted nothing more than to get the chance to be up there doing the exact same thing. There’s nothing I love more than making others happy, and I want to create a fun and overall exciting atmosphere atMission. An Activities Coordinator should be someone who’s not afraid to take risks and put themselves out there and I can think of no one better fit for the job than me. You are best at what you enjoy doing! That’s something I have always gone by and there is nothing I enjoy more than coming up with ideas and activities that will make others happy! So just remember for Thursday, the decision won’t be tough if you vote Tara Ruff!

ST: About myself… I basically love getting involved. As I mentioned above, I’m a part of several clubs, sports teams, and organizations around campus, so becoming the ASB AC would just be an extension of my involvement with the school. I’m also a Girl Scout, and I got my Silver Award last year- I planned a talent show for a senior center- so I have experience planning both large events as well as smaller and more frequent ones. I love meeting new people, and just working with people in general, and I feel like that passion combined with my experience makes me a great fit for the position. But most importantly I really want to make Mission the best place it can be for the student body, and I know that I’d give the job my brain, heart, and soul. So remember to keep your chin up and vote Steff Chin for AC!

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