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ASB Candidate Elections: Secretary

By: Genevieve Huang

Smoke Signal: Why are you running for ASB secretary (and not another position)?

Jin Peng: I am running for ASB Secretary because I feel this position can make significant contributions in advancing school-wide communication. An ASB Secretary has a very important part in managing our school’s primary methods of distributing information. I hope as ASB Secretary, I can improve these methods to generate more student interest and promote a stronger connection between ASB and the student body.

Jin Peng


SS: Which characteristics best enable you to fulfill the duties of ASB secretary?

JP: I believe my enthusiastic and easy-going personality makes me very approachable with students. I feel that these characteristics are crucial in connecting and relating with different groups of people across the school. Having a strong connection with the students is very important in developing a good relationship between the ASB and the student body.


SS: What are some ideas that you can bring to the table if you are elected?

JP: I believe there are many opportunities ASB can take on to be more successful in leading the student body. I want to further integrate technology and social networking to enhance communication and elevate student awareness of both ASB and school events. In addition, I want to cut down redundancy and improve the effectiveness of read meets and announcements so that they are a more valuable resource for the school.


SS: Which part of the school are you going to invest the most effort into?

JP: I will invest most of my effort in improving the school’s means of communication. I believe that the key to a strong relationship between the ASB and the students, as well as the students to the school, lies in awareness of everything occurring in and out of MSJ. The ASB has made great strides in supporting this in the past few years, and I hope to build upon what’s already been established to make such processes more effective.


SS: What do you hope you can learn from this job and how do you plan to apply it in the future?

JP: I think the most significant skill I can learn from being ASB Secretary is how to effectively lead a group at large. In leading the entire school, I can foster a greater understanding of large scale leadership and efficient means of reaching to all the corners of the school. This will help me obtain the vision and mindset for the “big picture,” an experience that will definitely help me build effective leadership skills for the future.


SS: Do you have a personal motto?

JP: I love to tell myself to “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Only problem is that there’s no time to play hard!

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