Senior’s Day Off (Review)

Little Red Riding Hood: Well, after three days of anticipation, I walked into the amphitheater expecting the glory of the senior performance. I was so excited!

Wolf: In the morning the decorations didn’t impress me as much as I thought they would, though.

RH: Yeah, the streams of red caution tape seemed a bit haphazardly strewn across the trees. But the tunnel was an original idea.

W: Oh, and their backdrop was really vibrant and definitely showed hard work. It set the stage for an impressive performance, although I was a bit disappointed with their opening airband.

RH: Oh, yeah. It didn’t have enough enthusiasm and was kind of mellow. But the characters’ entrance made up for it! The concept of the float was different and original.

W: I liked how the characters were true to each class’ theme and the costumes added authenticity. It was really easy to identify each class, and the freshmen were just adorable!

RH: Yeah, and it was good how every class had a role in the story, instead of just one class as the hero. It created the image of a united school, minus the constant bickering between the juniors and underclassmen.

W: But I felt like the theme of unity was pretty apparent with the plot and the unity airbands.

RH: It felt like they were really pushing this and it just got kind of redundant.

W: Yeah, the characters were stereotypical with the juniors portrayed as either not present or spacey. It was amusing, but after a while it got overdone. What did you think about the skit?

RH: It was easy to follow, but the plot had little to do with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Things got kind of tedious but it was a great way to reminisce about past Homecomings and unite the class along the way.

W: Yeah, the recaps of their adventures in past years were pretty innovative. But the part that stuck in my mind was Carlton’s dancing! I could watch him dance all day.

RH: I thought the colorguard airbands were pretty creative too. However, the wind didn’t do them justice.

W: Yeah, and it was nice to see the incorporation of other classes in their dances.

RH: And who could forget the suggestive boy’s booty dance? A lot of jaws were on the ground, I’m sure.

W: Oh geez, that was… interesting. The annual girl’s booty dance had impact, but lacked coordination among the rows. As always, it impressed by numbers more than anything.

RH: Although there were some glitches in the performance, it showed hard work and a firm dedication to the Homecoming spirit.

W: Overall, Seniors’ Day Off was a strong finish to their high school career. It’s definitely something that the seniors will remember for a long time.

Check back on Friday for video footage on Senior Day provided by MSJTV. The full Homecoming DVD with behind-the-scenes features will be available for purchase.

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  1. The decorations, with the balloons and the tunnel were nice. However, I’m not sure if they were worth the trade off of decreased visibility throughout the ampitheatre.

  2. What happened at the end? That was the most anticlimactic homecoming I’ve ever seen!

    • Administration cut us off. We didn’t even get to do our ending.

      • Wait, so you didn’t get to finish the whole skit? That really sucks dude. 🙁

        • While that is unfortunate, going overtime is one of the top priorities that should be planned around and should be rehearsed arduously to make sure that with cheering/transitions/etc. your skit and/or airbands don’t get cut off by Admin.

          • oh please, dont be hating

          • I disagree. There was just too much talent in the senior class to fit into the time, and the admin should have been a little nicer about it and let them finish.

          • they would have finished if everyone didnt take so long cheering. they actually took time to wait until it was quiet so people could hear their lines

  3. the ending cut off because the whole skit itself with airband exceeded time limit. The last dance had only 40 seconds left of it. SENIORS ROCKED IT TODAY! GOOOD JOB

  4. to The Best:
    we went past the bell, Larsen made us stop

  5. The ending was cut off because the seniors went overtime; there were too many airbands and the transitions were a little slow. But i think they were able to pull it off and the freshmen characters were adorable! Yes, there were a few inappropriate scenes like in the boy’s booty but i thought they were hilarious.

    mmm and yeah decorations could have been a bit better.

    • The transitions were actually VERY fast. The next airband was always entering as the last airband ended. There was only one situation where the transition was a little slow, and that was because a good amount of members had to change clothes for the next airband. Unfortunately, people cannot completely change their outfits as fast as 1, 2

  6. I feel like this review was trying to pick at the smallest things that were wrong with Senior day. Lack of enthusiasm is honestly the biggest bull ever. Were we watching the same performance?

    I admit the skit went slow, but there was so much cheer time that it was pretty much inevitable.

    Boy’s booty was a bit racy. Like it should be. It was nonetheless hilarious and had parents chuckling too.

  7. Honestly, the seniors did an amazing job. They had so much spirit and alot more compared to previous years. It’s insane how supportive their class was. Definitely deserve 1st place.

    • Alot more compared to who’s previous years? 09 had much more spirit (within their class, of course it’s not school spirit when you rip on ’10 too much). ’11 has always had solid spirit though!

  8. LACK OF ENTHUSIASM?!!?!?!?!?!? OKAY IF THERE IS ONE THING THE JUNIORS HAD IT WAS ENTHUSIASM!!! i dont know anyone who hadnt lost their voice. kay yeah haphazard deco OKAY MAYBE. but seriously lack of enthusiam?!!!? you might want to get you ears checked. AND NO MENTION OF THE HIP HOP AIRBANDS?!!!!!! dude CLASS OF ELEVEN ROCKEDDDDDDD ITTTTTTTTTTT

  9. HAHA. didn’t they cancel boy’s speedo a few years back? and now they’re cancelling boys booty altogether?

  10. If that picture shows lack of enthusiasm then I want to know your definition of enthusiasm

  11. canceling boys booty is outright discrimination!! guys get to drool over girls booty, so why can’t girls get their fair share of suggestive eye candy?

  12. b4Nd 4 L1F3!!!!!!!!

  13. The last picture shown in the article OBVIOUSLY shows how the senior lacked enthusiasm. I mean SERIOUSLY it looks like they’re ALL ASLEEP. And in the first picture shown in this article, there are like NO seniors cheering. They definitely had zero enthusiasm. I noticed it too. Don’t worry guys, I’m smart.

  14. I don’t think it was very nice of the seniors to make us juniors look like shallow airheads.

    • Sophomore! Awww yeah! | October 29, 2010 at 3:54 am | Reply

      Yeah, what was up with the Junior guy being MIA for more than half of the skit? The Seniors booed the sophomores when their person didn’t show up for 10-15 minutes!

      • If you paid attention, he left but was actually the same guy playing the survivor island host and plenty of other characters

        • HURHUR, ‘Sophomore!’s point obviously flew straight over your head. His/her point was that the Junior class lacked representation for more than half of the skit. And with the way that they portrayed the Junior girl, she sure could’ve used the help.

          Reading Comprehension, people.

          • ^_^ I addressed a different aspect of the question, maybe that flew over your head?

            Boohoo. Seriously. The Senior class took out SO many jokes and disses. It’s tradition to senselessly bash the Juniors, and we didn’t do that on their day. On our day, all we did was at VERY MOST, poke fun.

            Freshman, were you here last year? No? Were you here the year before, no? Then you have not witnessed bashing or true under representation.

            Homecoming comprehension, people.

          • Were you there when 09 made 10 their pet rock Ugly Butt Junior?”
            Were you there when 09 ripped one of 10’s posters in half and the entire (then) junior class started booing?

            Were you there when 08 gave every other class much better reason to boo than we ever gave the rest of you guys?


            Then zip it.

      • Yeah we were pretty cool about that, the seniors should have been nicer to you sophies. 🙁

      • There was still one junior to represent them though. For the sophomore skit, I believe both of them didnt show up. (I didnt actually see the skit, so i might be wrong.)

        • Sophomore! Awww yeah! | October 29, 2010 at 8:40 am | Reply

          Hmm well, for ours I think that there was only one person representing each class. But the point still stands regarding under-representation hypocrisy. And man, the way the seniors portrayed the Junior girl, you could barely count her as being there! She didn’t even solve her ‘Compass’ puzzle, she only got to put in the key after the others had obtained it.

          • awww, CRY MORE. You weren’t the target for our bashing, and we damn well could have bashed you HARD.

          • 2.) @ “The Best” Lack of enthusiasm? I think you are deaf or blind good sir. The entire crowd was standing and cheering. It was a standing ovation nearly at the end, and the classes were constantly participating with the skit. The front of the ampitheater was always and may I mention ALWAYS flooded with seniors cheering and yelling.

    • are you kidding?
      it was nothing compared to traditional junior bashing =_=’
      this year was the tamest senior skit I’ve seen ever. hella nice to all the classes!

      • haha seriously, you freshmen and sophomores should’ve seen what happened between 09 and 10. if you think the senior’s skit was harsh, you’re definitely missing out.

      • voice of reason | October 31, 2010 at 12:35 pm | Reply

        curious, did the seniors last year bash the juniors? i dont remember intense junior bashing as you would call it.

  15. Might I note the second to last airband performed to the song, “Go Ape.” And might I say, indeed, the entire class went ape.

    Would you like to rewatch uploaded facebook videos and take those earplugs out? Great.

    And by the way. The opening is always smashing. That kid Jeffrey always does the most spazztastic energetic dances ever.

    “Mellow” is funny to describe that picture of them, with all of them looking just the opposite of that.

    • I can take a picture of any airband and say it was energetic. Mellow is a relative phrase, their first airband was on of their weakest! That said, the other ones were awesome!!!

  16. Personally, they should stop with Smoke Signal homecoming reviews. They’re barely accurate and 80% biased opinion. Even juniors and sophomores agree that this article was overly negative.

    Whoever wrote this article, seriously consider getting glasses. Yes, take it personally because I do believe you guys seem overly negative.

    • Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaa | October 29, 2010 at 4:14 am | Reply


    • get your facts straight | October 29, 2010 at 4:44 am | Reply

      since when can any type of review not be called biased? if this stuff already offends you, then why come to the site to even read the reviews? i’d like to see you write an article that doesn’t receive more critique than this one. you can’t overload a review with just the positive aspects. which ever way you go, someone’s bound to disagree, that’s just how it is.

      • LOOLS u mad? nobody is offended, but they can definitely improve. I absolutely think its’ adorable how the juniors got no critique on their HC day and thus, they think the review is fine.. but as soon as seniors get a little critique its all “AWW SHOOT seniors did ___ ___ ___ wrong.”

        This ain’t the media or distorted television gossip broadcasters. This is a school newspaper, but it is blossoming into an often biased (and not very useful) gossip column~ That further fuels and picks out class flaws for the benefit of other classes to bash.

        You get a good review, you’re lucky, you get a bad review, no one agrees. Why keep ’em?

        • Well, I think that the fact is the juniors get 0 criticism, and seniors get really stupid criticism. I mean seriously, picking on the fact that there was a lot of caution tape?
          There wouldnt have been this much disagreement if both of them were very critical. Or if both of them were very positive. Just keep the harshness equal.


    way to watch the show buddies.

  18. What is Igbo?

  19. Seniors… no matter how unbiased the reviewers were, if they said *anything* bad about your performance, you’d attack it as irrelevant or baseless.



  21. honestly, i think seniors boys booty was way cleaner compared to some other classes boys booty. not saying names. and the amphitheatre was decorated at the beginning but the wind blew most of it off. so apparently whoever wrote this didnt even watch the whole thing

    • this is very true. they didnt ever take off their tank tops/shirts . whatever like EVERY OTHER senior boys booty. The choreography wasnt anywhere near as dirty as previous years

  22. to be honest you guys were so much more entertaining than the juniors. and alot nicer than i expected! gonna miss your class alot

  23. as much as i hoped, the shiny red car wasn’t incorporated into the skit… i guess it was just a giant deco?

    • cars are never incorporated into the skit, classes arent allowed to have running cars on stage. The juniors were able to because their car didnt have an engine

      • It’d be nice to incorporate the car somehow, engine or not. Not a necessity though. Meh.

        • it’d be kind of pointless to have actors climb in the car…and then i dont even know what. Honk the horn? turn on the radio? pretend its moving??

          theres really nothing you can do with a car if you cant start it.

  24. First off, whoever wrote this review literally just pointed out every bad thing the seniors did.

    Did we see any props for the innovation of our skit, and how we were the only class who managed to not bore the entire audience? The unity factor is the POINT of homecoming, if you’ve all forgotten. Pulling all the classes together and bringing up reps from each class into our skit was really creative.

    Did the reviewers point out all the unity airbands, the hip hop airbands, how good Jazz was, how good GBAGS WERE <3, how good ANONYMOUS WAS?
    Not a single mention.
    All they mentioned was opening and boys booty.

    TO SUM IT UP, all they said was
    "oh yeah, their deco wasn't as good as expected. Oh yeah and I GUESS their skit was good but um TOO MUCH UNITY LOL.PS boys booty was dirty. I guess it was memorable for the SENIORS."

    Great review. I admit all articles were biased but at least for the other three, it COVERED everything and gave props for what was needed.
    This is sad.

    PS. For all the haters saying "OH no! You were so mean to the juniors!!"
    QQ effing more. The seniors were so nice this year, you wouldn't even understand.
    If you had been here four or five years ago when Homecoming was legit AND THE REAL deal, then you'd know. Freshman, Sophomores, even Juniors GTFO because you haven't seen tradition like we have.

    And honestly, in the junior skit, they took our senior out for half of the skit as well and used her to narrate other characters. Sophomores, we had ONE character who wasn't even present for the first half of the skit and all she did was make a freaking PHONE CALL.

    This was disappointing.


      in the other reviews, Smoke Signal went into detail and mentioned almost all of the airbands, but in this one they only talked about boys booty. I guess they had enough space to write about each airband in the other classes because they didn’t have a lot. the seniors had so many great airbands. Its really disappointing that Smoke Signal didn’t acknowledge that.

  25. why are you still watching mission homecoming? i hope you have a life. jus sayin

  26. seniors rocked guys, hands down to them, good job!! :]
    Come on juniors we can have our fun with underclassmen next year!

    • Seriously, bashing is just part of bashing. all the underclassmen need to just suck it up until they’re seniors and get to do it to the other 3 classes. Every senior class has endured 3 years of horrible bashing, just suck it up and wait your turn

  27. why does everyone hate the juniors? is it because of last year?

  28. just like last year

  29. in comparison to previous senior classes, the 2011 were extremely nice to the other classes especially the freshmen. Not to mention, with the notorious rivalry between 2011 and 2012, the seniors didnt bash them nearly as much as they could have (like 2009 and 2010). If you compare it to this years homecoming, then DUH other classes didnt bash nearly as much because they CANT, they’re underclassmen. Most of the classes respected the seniors except the one comment that the junior class made. The seniors shouldnt be criticized for bashing because they ARE seniors, don’t even worry, they were bashed their previous 3 years.

    and to all the sophomores and juniors who are complaining, at least 2011 was nice about it. honestly, if it were 07 or 09 as the senior class, you would be thanking 2011 for being so nice.

  30. that sounds familiar


  32. honestly seniors hc was not that special. the skit was just a bunch of kiss ass. they used unity for every little stupid thing. how creative..
    the results are always fixed anyways.

    • homecoming IS ABOUT UNITY, so it’s actually a good thing that unity solced every “stupid little thing” in their skit.

      and results are never fixed. 12 and 11 were pretty close last year, and 12 just happened to beat them. If the results were fixed, then 11 would have beaten 12 last year.

    • sorry, “yeah” for your QQs. Calculate out the results yourself and see how much seniors beat your class by. For a class that beat the sophomores only by 4 points, you sure do talk a lot of smack.

      cry some more.
      deco was obviously better, skit was obviously better, airbands were obviously better, charity was OBVIOUSLY better… overall. seniors were obviously better.

      build a bridge and get over it.

  33. voice of reason | October 31, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Reply

    1: where did all these comments about alliances come from? LOL sit down there were no such things. People hate on 12 because they are good. yes, the seniors were relatively “nice” to the other classes, but the juniors also had an extremely bashing free skit as well.

    2: this article was bad in that it didn’t point out the good parts of the performances as much as it should have. no two ways around that. sorry smokie, you lose on this one. Although, for one point in your favor, the article clearly said that the AIRBAND lacked enthusiasm, not the entire SENIOR CLASS. read more carefully next time!

    3: the seniors were good. that does not mean that the juniors were bad. you’re not being fair to the class of 12 if you want to come in here and say that juniors sucked than you are completely wrong. that said, the seniors did have an amazing performance and their first place standing was well deserved.

    4: as much as you can/should praise the seniors for their performance, it is not fair to compare them to seniors past such as 07, 09, and 10. they were good, but definitely not better than those.

    good job to the seniors. definitely deserved first place. dont discredit the juniors for their hard work and amazing performance too, though.

    • 1. No, people hate on ’12 because they’re cocky and enjoy whining about everything. Second place is a good place, well deserved. They’re very lucky they didn’t drop to 3rd, seeming that they only got 2nd place by 4 points. As a senior class that endured that much hate from 3 past years, the class was EXTREMELY nice. No yelling or insults on Junior day from the Senior class, and only a little fun poked at the Juniors on Senior day. I fail to see why people cannot full on admit that.

      2. The article said one airband lacked enthusiasm, but the comments went full fledged into saying the entire class lacked enthusiasm. Biased on both parts lol

      3+4. This I don’t understand. If you think that the class of ’11 wasn’t that great this year, then the reasoning behind beating the juniors must be because they weren’t so spiffy either. You can say the Seniors were realllly good, comparable to ’10, thus beating a good class like ’12. You can say the Seniors were okay, but the Juniors were a lot worse. But you can’t say the Seniors were mediocre and Juniors did a GREAT job. It doesn’t make sense.

      Juniors good for juniors. A fairly cute skit with about only one entertaining airband. Pretty good deco, but beaten out by the sophomores. It’s no conspiracy.. everything was well deserved.

      • voice of reason | October 31, 2010 at 11:43 pm | Reply

        i think we can all agree that this article was not well written.

        as nice as 11 was, they need to stop acting like they were the nicest things to ever happen to msj. they knew full well what their intentions were in the characterization of the junior personalities in their skit. yes they were nice, but so was 10. not every class is a junior bashing 09.

        i think that the seniors did better than the juniors. the juniors had an amazing skit but the seniors had the whole package when it came to skit, airbands, and deco. that being said, what i mean to say is that if you took this entire senior package and compared it to class of 10, 09, and 07, it wouldnt beat any of those classes.

        basically, juniors need to stop crying about getting 2nd place – they deserved it and good for them, but people still should give juniors SOME credit for their performance.e

        • I agree, we were good, but seniors definately deserve first place, great job you guys! 🙂

        • “voice of reason,” the fact that you completely ignore how 2010 bashed the SOPHOMORES last year and that you don’t know about the 09/12 alliance (including one senior/freshman couple having…) completely discredits your post. Know what you’re talking about, lest you sound like a “voice of ignorant idealism.”

  34. voice of reason | October 31, 2010 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    sophomore decoration was really good, the TP with 2013 on the lawn was really creative and they get props for being really yellow. it is worth pointing out, though, that the lawn covering idea that they did was something that class of 12 did last year and was the only class to ever do that.

  35. voice of reason | October 31, 2010 at 12:42 pm | Reply

    I believe that the results reflected the performances exactly as they should have. people need to realize that the people writing these articles are only 2 students and do not reflect the views of everyone at mission.

    seniors swept 1st – good job, well deserved, no problems there.
    juniors got 2nd – again, deserved. skit was solid as usual, airbands were solid as usual though the only standout was the end. soph beat you in deco and you cant argue that they werent good. wind got the better of you. good quality but not enough quantity.
    sophomores got 3rd – skits and airbands definitely need to learn how to keep it shorter and more entertaining. but amazing deco/backdrop for sure.

    i think everyone needs to let the conspiracy and bias comments go because the results came out just the way they should have. another great homecoming come and gone. now can we please get our grades out of the gutter?
    freshmen got 4th – cant argue there.

  36. Little Red Riding Hood | October 31, 2010 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to congratulate the seniors for a great job. They definitely deserve it :].

  37. I think Smoke Signal should stop doing online reviews…it only upsets people more. Or not even upset maybe, but it just continues the competitiveness of homecoming, even AFTER its done

  38. 2nd place twice in a row is pretty good!

    • 1.)Yes, but you’re supposed to incorporate your theme into all of your ventures back into the past.
      2.)Compared to seniors of years past, there was a significant and noticeable lack of enthusiasm.
      3.)Whoever wrote this is probably really salty.

      • Yeah dude the enthusiasm was crazy loud! We might not have gone on cheering for 10 minutes like the dumb juniors were doing at some points, but we prefer quality over quantity

        • What did you call it during Sophomore Day when the Seniors blew their horns for literally a minute straight and ruined the continuity of the sophomore skit, so much that you had people from both Sophomore and Junior classes standing up and looking at you? Quantity or Quality? Hypocrite.

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