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Senior’s Day Off (Review)

Little Red Riding Hood: Well, after three days of anticipation, I walked into the amphitheater expecting the glory of the senior performance. I was so excited!

Wolf: In the morning the decorations didn’t impress me as much as I thought they would, though.

RH: Yeah, the streams of red caution tape seemed a bit haphazardly strewn across the trees. But the tunnel was an original idea.

W: Oh, and their backdrop was really vibrant and definitely showed hard work. It set the stage for an impressive performance, although I was a bit disappointed with their opening airband.

RH: Oh, yeah. It didn’t have enough enthusiasm and was kind of mellow. But the characters’ entrance made up for it! The concept of the float was different and original.

W: I liked how the characters were true to each class’ theme and the costumes added authenticity. It was really easy to identify each class, and the freshmen were just adorable!

RH: Yeah, and it was good how every class had a role in the story, instead of just one class as the hero. It created the image of a united school, minus the constant bickering between the juniors and underclassmen.

W: But I felt like the theme of unity was pretty apparent with the plot and the unity airbands.

RH: It felt like they were really pushing this and it just got kind of redundant.

W: Yeah, the characters were stereotypical with the juniors portrayed as either not present or spacey. It was amusing, but after a while it got overdone. What did you think about the skit?

RH: It was easy to follow, but the plot had little to do with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Things got kind of tedious but it was a great way to reminisce about past Homecomings and unite the class along the way.

W: Yeah, the recaps of their adventures in past years were pretty innovative. But the part that stuck in my mind was Carlton’s dancing! I could watch him dance all day.

RH: I thought the colorguard airbands were pretty creative too. However, the wind didn’t do them justice.

W: Yeah, and it was nice to see the incorporation of other classes in their dances.

RH: And who could forget the suggestive boy’s booty dance? A lot of jaws were on the ground, I’m sure.

W: Oh geez, that was… interesting. The annual girl’s booty dance had impact, but lacked coordination among the rows. As always, it impressed by numbers more than anything.

RH: Although there were some glitches in the performance, it showed hard work and a firm dedication to the Homecoming spirit.

W: Overall, Seniors’ Day Off was a strong finish to their high school career. It’s definitely something that the seniors will remember for a long time.

Check back on Friday for video footage on Senior Day provided by MSJTV. The full Homecoming DVD with behind-the-scenes features will be available for purchase.


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