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EASY is an easy win for LE SSERAFIM

By: Staff Writer Fiona Yang

Critically acclaimed five member K-pop group LE SSERAFIM released their third extended play EASY on February 19. This new release was a fresh, calm contrast to the group’s previous bold and confident songs of “UNFORGIVEN” and “ANTIFRAGILE,” and aims to convey the members’ unwavering confidence as they grow their global presence in music. 

EASY’s most noticeable feature is LE SSERAFIM’s experimental production efforts. Featuring clean synth beats, the tracks offer a soft clarity that pleases the ear. “Swan Song” utilizes deeper beats and low-tone vocals to enhance the relaxed tunes, and the members’ voices are accentuated with the use of autotune for a simple yet elegant techno sound. The track’s calming atmosphere transports the listener into a world akin to an aesthetic slice of life novel, reminiscent of home and comfort. In addition, the background of “Smart” is sprinkled with twinkling chimes that sound magical and ethereal. LE SSERAFIM transmits positive and uplifting feelings to its audience through the satisfying combination of pleasant beats and harmonious vocals, in high contrast to the group’s original bold thumping beats of confidence. With both cool boldness and soothing melodies, LE SSERAFIM displays its excellence in diversifying its discography. 

Furthermore, LE SSERAFIM depicts clear themes of positivity through its uplifting lyricism. “We got so much,” the last track of the album, thoroughly delineates themes of teamwork and identity; the group sings, “Discovering who I am … We got so much love / We don’t want to receive it as a given, we’re special” (English translation). Through the tenderly affectionate lyrics, the group evokes humbleness and warmth in the listener’s heart. In the lead single “EASY,” the group hints at its arduous music journey and its resilience in overcoming challenges. In the second verse, the lyrics “My every step, every second makes history, it’s my way / Walk like a heroine even if I am not flawless” (English translation) solidify its strong and self assuring image, encouraging its audience to do the same in their own journey through life. The group’s successful ability to convey contrasting themes of soft self love and firm boldness speaks to its admirable duality. 

Duality and production efforts aside, the album has several areas for improvement. Each track in the album falls under three minutes, cutting the bright atmosphere too quickly. The album runtime length is far too short, so the bright mood dissipates quickly. In addition, the beats are repetitive, possibly making the listening experience unpleasant. This causes slight disappointment, however, it does not overshadow EASY’s other, more positive aspects. 

Overall, from its intricate production elements to steady and meaningful lyrics, LE SSERAFIM provides its audience with an album full of generous efforts. Although it falls short on a few small aspects, LE SSERAFIM radiates unparalleled talent and unfaltering confidence in its music career.   

Rating: A- (9.3/10)

Production: B+ (8.9/10) 

Lyricism: A (9.4/10)

Duality: A (9.5/10)


Graphics by: PBS, Billboard, NMS

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