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Meet the Court: Queens

Angelina Ching

From dancing in multiple airbands to working at the Leadership II Tech booth, 2023 Homecoming Queen Candidate Angelina Ching is heavily involved in Homecoming week’s festivities. Ching often helps out at school events as a part of Leadership II Tech Committee and spends much of her time on campus dancing. As well as dancing competitively with her Poise’n Brigade team, she is the Co-President of MSJ COR Dance Club and Co-Leader of 2024 Hip-Hop Airband Co-Leader since her freshman year. Ching hopes that her name is remembered at MSJ, as she loves to stay involved with school activities and spread her outgoing, lively personality with others. 

“[If I were Homecoming Queen], I’d say we need naptime every day after lunch like how we had in preschool,” Ching said. 


Amanda Deng

2023 Homecoming Queen Candidate Amanda Deng has spent much of her time on campus involved in school activities and athletics. As the 2023-24 ASB President, she works hands-on with school events and interacts with many faculty and students. Varsity Softball Co-Captain since her sophomore year, she led the team to its best record to date. Outside of school, Deng is typically found playing the piano or making jewelry for her own business, Nunchi Co. A passionate watermelon-hater and plant-enthusiast, Deng comes from an empathic nature and wants to provide other students with the best experience at MSJ.  

“[If I were Homecoming Queen], I think I would add a smoothie station on campus,” Deng said. 


Karmen Johal

Having watched all of Attack on Titan in one sitting over the course of two and a half days, 2023 Homecoming Queen Candidate Karmen Johal is dedicated and committed. She has been a part of Relay for Life for four years and part of Link Committee after three years in Link Crew. Additionally, she has helped record and edit all the videos posted on MSJ Warriors social media as part of Leadership II’s videography committee. Johal embodies MSJ spirit and will always be in front of the audience at any assembly cheering. Hoping to leave a legacy of a healthy balance between having fun and work, Johal is looking forward to styling her Homecoming Court sash.

“Two years ago, we used to have these chocolate chip cookies sold at the snack bar and I honestly would do anything to get those back. So[if I were Homecoming Queen,] I would definitely incorporate a law to bring back chocolate chip cookies from the snack bar,” Johal said. 

Tiana Saha

Involved in diverse activities on campus, 2023 Homecoming Queen Candidate Tiana Saha admires the MSJ community and strives to keep building it. Joining Leadership II’s Sports Committee this year, Saha has helped backstage to bring school events like the Green & White Unity Assembly to life. She also has been on Varsity Track for three years and is one of the two pole vaulters at MSJ, qualifying for CIF meets and placing top three at MVALs. She also takes part in Relay For Life’s Event Leadership Team, where she helps organize money for cancer awareness and research. Influenced by her friends to run for Homecoming Queen, Saha is looking forward to kicking off her senior year in an exciting way. 

“[If I were Homecoming Queen], I would make sure the bathrooms are much cuter and cleaned three times a day,” Saha said. 


Vincent Yao

2023 Homecoming Queen Candidate Vincent Yao is usually found in the water, dedicating much of his time to water polo as the Boys Varsity Co-Captain. He is also the Vice President of MSJ Leo Club,  helping benefit the community through service events. Yao believes an important characteristic of Queen is relentlessness and hopes to inspire others to take risks, as he is running despite believing to have low chances as a male. At MSJ, Yao continues to create  a positive and supportive atmosphere to the people around him.

“As Queen, I would make lunch longer so we have extended lunch every day,” Yao said.

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