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Breaking News: ACE Train Stalled After 100-foot Mudslide in Fremont-Sunol

By Staff Writers Sarah Hu and Waylon Li

At around 8:45 a.m. on January 17, a 100-foot mudslide resulted in a stalled Altamont Corridor Express (ACE) train traveling between Old Canyon Road in Fremont and Pleasanton Sunol Road in Sunol. According to Alameda County Division Chief Randall West, the train was near Niles Canyon Road before it was halted by the mudslide. The Alameda County Fire Department arrived on scene first to report that all 220 passengers and crew members were evacuated safely with no damage or injuries sustained.
After the initial dispatch, Union Pacific and fire crews were called to inspect and clear the area. Shortly after, a second train was sent to evacuate the passengers. The rescue train was coupled to the last few cars of the ACE train to pull the train and passengers to Pleasanton. The ACE train itself was not damaged during the mudslide and can return to regular operation once the mudslide is cleared.

Niles Canyon Road has been closed both ways multiple times from Dec. 30, to Jan 11, due to a previous landslide, but recently reopened on Jan. 12 after the debris was cleared. Despite the recent weather and landslides, train service in San Jose is expected to continue as usual.California has recently experienced a series of heavy rainstorms that have led to extreme flooding and evacuations. The National Weather Service recently issued a flood warning for Alameda Creek on Jan. 14. Landslides and flooding are only a part of the effects many California residents experience; others are inconvenienced by power outages, floods that trap them in their houses, and roadblocks that delay holiday plans. Sophomore Allie Tong said, “Me and my sister had to leave our house early so that we could drive around the mudslide and then we got to school three minutes late.” Due to road obstruction caused by the mudslide, ACE trains 04, and 10 will be canceled and a few other ACE trains will be operating around the Nile area. Tomorrow, all ACE trains are predicted to return back to normal operation.


Photos courtesy of KTVU

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