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Smokie Eats: Fremont Street Eats Food Fair

By Opinion Co-Editor Annika Singh & Centerspread Co-Editor Angela Xiong

Two Smokies set out to try three different dishes at three different price points between $10-25 at the Fremont Street Eats Food Fair located on 3500 Capitol Avenue. Follow along as writers visit different food trucks, speak to food truck owners, taste a variety of dishes, and reveal their top choice at the end of the video.

Food Truck: Rosie’s Mexican Food 

Dish: Street Tacos ($10) 

Zesty, juicy, and fresh, the Street Tacos from Rosie’s Mexican Food Truck are everything a taco should be. The dish comes loaded with pollo asado, onions, and cilantro and is a perfect medley of salty, sour, and spicy. The corn tortilla itself is soft and doubled-layered, making for a delicious and airy bite offset by the crunch of the onions. The food truck is clean and elegant, decorated with pink and white lettering along with a patterned leaf wallpaper. The truck’s appearance appeals to passerbys’ sense of hunger with appetizing images of all of their dishes displayed on the truck’s exterior. Priced at $10 for three tacos, this dish was deemed most worth it for not only its price, but its bold flavors, generous portion size, and great customer service. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

Food Truck: Golden Gate Gyro

Dish: Lamb Over Rice ($13)

Topped with classic white sauce, the Lamb Over Rice dish features a large serving of lamb and rice along with a side of salad. Crisp and refreshing, the salad contains a mix of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and onion. Unfortunately, the main dish falls short, with the meat being spongy, and the rice feeling hard and dry. The white sauce is tangy and creamy, but is overpowered by the texture of the meat and rice. Decorated with bright yellow and red lettering, the 100% halal menu food truck’s large slogan reads “Sauce It Up.” Priced at $13, this dish was deemed the least worth it because of its lack of flavor, poor texture, and bland presentation, despite having a generous portion size.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Food Truck: The Guy’s Tri Tip & BBQ

Dish: Bangin’ Blue ($23) 

Paired with a side of aromatic garlic fries, the Blue Cheese Tri Tip Sandwich meal brings together classic barbeque and culinary innovation. The sandwich itself contains shredded beef that is topped with blue cheese, packed together in a sesame bun. The meat is flavorful, but hard to chew while the bun resembles a hot dog bun, undermining the sophistication of the rest of the dish. Although the addition of the blue cheese on the pulled beef sandwich certainly was innovative and unorthodox, the strong pungent flavor of the cheese clashed severely with the beef, making it hard to enjoy the sandwich as a whole. On the bright side, the garlic fries were well-done, flavorful, and crispy. The design of the food truck mirrored their smoky and bold dishes, with bright flame patterns emblazoned on the exterior. Overall, the Bangin’ Blue dish is an explosion of flavor — albeit  with flavors that are a bit too strong and incompatible.  

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Cover Image and Video Edited by Web Co-Editor Jennie Wang

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