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Senior Wills

By Staff Writers Nishi Bhagat, Isabella He, & Larry Shi

Senior wills are special messages from some of the members of the Class of 2021, as they reflect on memorable experiences throughout their four years at MSJ. These memories about inanimate objects and places around MSJ have nostalgic significance, and these seniors take a look back and urge the underclassmen to treasure their time remaining at the school.


Ashley Y. Wong:

  • The MSJ classroom doors
  • The most nostalgic part of the doors, that we entered and left through every day, was the green color. Some of the doors would be difficult to open, and some of them would shut like a mouse trap.


Kayley Seow:

  • The C-120 baby grand, Band Room, and B-Wing Cafeteria pianos.
  • From La La Land to Bach to the passing period Heart and Soul, I thank Band and B-Wing pianos. To the C-120 piano, with keys I have yet to touch, I wish you all create many more memories for years to come.


Kushal Chattopadhyay:

  • Vitamin Water Açai-Blueberry-Pomegranate from the Gym Quad
  • Thanks for always being there for me in 10th grade when I would walk from PE to Mr. Dai’s class. Although everyone always dissed you for tasting like Tylenol, you always quenched my thirst.


Vikram Dhaliwal:

  • The Mini Gym(the wrestling room)
  • I wrote the mini-gym as my choice because it holds so many memories with me, from cutting weight and suffering in practices with my teammates to those talks about life. The room has history too.


Avinash Iyer:

  • Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Chips
  • Thank you for giving me so much joy throughout these last couple of months. Your hard-hitting spice and crunchy texture have made for a most delectable snack during boring classes.


Jacob Theodore:

  • Today I’m glad that I’m here in front of all of the Future. I couldn’t have done it without knowing that I was not the only one to do it.
  • I would like to thank all of you for staying strong during this pandemic. For not giving up! Because I know it’s so easy to give up but you pushed through! All of you pushed through.


William Yu:

  • The couch in Mr. Rath’s room.
  • I’ve taken more naps on you than I’ve forgotten assignments. You’ve been a symbol of both comfort and learning, and I hope that legacy can continue for future students.


Jeffrey Cheng:

  • The ramp between the gym and one of MSJ’s snack bars that runs into the Bell Tower Quad.
  • I loved walking up and down the ramp while passing periods or crossing campus. This ramp has a beautiful tree next to it that changes with the seasons. I saw an Anna’s hummingbird in that tree!


Cover graphic by Staff Writer Nishi Bhagat

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