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Celebrating Neurodiversity

By Staff Writers Sumani Alem, Isabella He, Mingxin Wang, & Jessica Yu

Neurodiversity refers to the various ways humans differ in their brain structure, development, and function. Neurodiversity Celebration Week took place recently from March 15-21, making it all the more important for students and community members to follow up the week’s achievements by advocating for neurodiversity both within and beyond MSJ. To educate the community about the neurodiversity movement and support the Neurodiversity Celebration Week, the Smoke Signal has created a comprehensive spread on neurodiversity resources, including some of the organizations in our community and tips on how neurotypical people can support the neurodivergent community.  

Disclaimer: The spotlighted organizations do not represent all organizations within the FUSD community.       

Cover graphic by Centerspread Editor Amanda Pang and Visual Spread by Centerspread Editor Lily Oh

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