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Trailblazing Women in Male-Dominated Sports

By Staff Writers Kruthi Gollapudi & Anvi Kalucha

Student Perspectives

Why do you think it is important for women to participate in male-dominated sports, whether through playing, coaching, or officiating?

“I think having women play in male sports helps to boost morale for others. If girls around the world can see people like Sarah Fuller, they will gain the confidence to step up and play a challenging sport.” — Shivani Chidambaram, 11

“I think diversity is extremely important, whether in sports or any other aspect. Having women in sports encourages others to join, which is something we need to see.” — Shivani Dharanipragada, 12

Are you an athlete? If so, how do trailblazing women in male-dominated sports inspire you? 

“As a multi-sport athlete and wrestling captain in particular, trailblazing women in male-dominated sports have been important role models for me. Whether they are world-famous wrestlers or fellow teammates, these inspirational women have shown me that I deserve to be out on the mat as much as any man.” — Angela Chochon, 12

“I am an athlete in tennis, and people tend to focus on the male athletes and games. That’s why trailblazing women like Serena Williams really inspire me because they show me how successful a woman can be and break down harmful stereotypes.” — Pooja Mayya, 10

Cover image by Sports Editor Anika Arora

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