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Popcorn, Naps, & Retail Therapy: Habits During Quarantine | The Smokie Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

By Staff Writers Sabrina Cai, Tavish Mohanti, Nithika Valluri, Jessica Yu

Have you formed any new habits over quarantine? In the first episode of the Smokie Podcast’s second season, listen to Staff Writers Tavish Mohanti, Sabrina Cai, Nithika Valluri, and Jessica Yu discuss new habits they’ve formed, their journeys developing them, and tips they’ve come up with from their own experiences.

Tavish and Sabrina are the hosts of this episode, guiding an honest and relatable discussion about both good and bad habits. Nithika and Jessica offer insight into strengthening their relationships with their families, how they stay consistent with their habits, and what they would’ve liked to do differently looking back.


Edited by Web Editor Mahek Bhora

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