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*Update November 19* The first three agencies listed under Student Resources; Bay Area Community Health, The Hume Center and Youth and Family Services, have contracted with FUSD to provide no cost counseling services to students with a counselor’s referral. The last listing, Appletree Psychological Services, is independent of MSJ and as such parents will incur costs without any FUSD involvement. Note: Of the local mental health providers contacted, Appletree was the only respondent, and the Smoke Signal provides this listing without endorsement. 

 By Staff Writers Kruthi Gollapudi, Helen Tian, Mingxin Wang, & Jerry Yuan

Over the past seven months, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned students’ lives upside down. Many are struggling with the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that comes with distance learning and social isolation. To promote student wellness, the Smoke Signal has compiled community voices and highlighted resources parents and students can reach out to for mental and emotional support. 

Cover graphic by Centerspread Editor Lily Oh and Visual Spread by Centerspread Editors Lily Oh & Amanda Pang

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