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Spotlight on A&E Organizations: Online Extension

by Staff Writers Nishi Bhagat, Sakshi Umrotkar, and Alina Zeng

MSJ Film and Production

Although its members opt for a more behind-the-scenes approach, MSJ Film and Production plays an integral role in the making of numerous Leadership 2 trailers and promos. Their work, showcased in the “Winter Waltz Trailer” and “Charity Fashion Show 2020 Promo,” displays their skills in filming and editing — professional photo work that Film and Production trains its members in. The club is currently anticipating an opportunity to work with the campus administration to raise awareness of lockdown drill safety, branching out away from its expertise in promo-style videography. Despite being inactive for the past couple of years, MSJ Film and Production has been part of successful collaborations with both individual students and clubs.


MSJ Animation Club

As a club that focuses on both programming and the arts, the MSJ Animation club is a place for students to marry their artistic creativity and computer software knowledge. In their weekly meetings, MSJ Animation teaches the basics of animation, holding workshops that allow students to explore how classical 2D animation can be converted to 3D digital characters using only the basics of hand-drawn illustrations and software programs. MSJ Animation follows trends in the booming digital and CGI animation industry and hopes to teach students skills that are not yet available in school classrooms, preparing them for a future in the ever-growing animation sector. 

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