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Cross Country: MSJ Warriors Win Three Out of Five Divisions vs. James Logan Colts

By Staff Writers Anika Arora and Larry Shi

On Wednesday, October 16, the MSJ Warriors faced the James Logan High School Colts in their annual dual meet and won three out of the five total divisions. All Frosh/Soph and JV races were two miles, and all Varsity races where three miles. The Varsity Boys now hold a 3-1 record, while the Varsity Girls remain undefeated. The Warriors and Colts will meet again at league finals. 

Overall Scores (lowest score wins):

Frosh/Soph Boys:    MSJ 15 / Logan 50 — (W)

JV Girls:                     MSJ 15 / Logan 50 — (W)

JV Boys:                    MSJ 28 / Logan 27 — (L)

Varsity Girls:             MSJ 15 / Logan 47 — (W)

Varsity Boys:            MSJ 34 / Logan 25 — (L)

Fastest MSJ Runner in each in Division:

F/S Boys: Troy Holcomb, 10  — 11:28, 1st overall

JV Girls: Clarise Han, 11 — 13:26, 1st overall

JV Boys: Ashwin Provine, 12 — 11:06, 2nd overall

Varsity Girls: Hana Nip, 12 — 18:52, 1st overall

Varsity Boys: Arnav Arora, 12 — 15:12, 1st overall

Photos By Web Editor Riya Chopra, Staff Writers Anika Arora and Larry Shi

Video By Web Editors Riya Chopra and Gregory Wu, Staff Writers Anika Arora and Larry Shi

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