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Fall Photo Contest: Pets – Online Extension

By Staff Writer Kelly Yang

The Smoke Signal collected student fall-themed photos of their pets through an online form to accompany the Fall Photo Contest: Pets in-print coverage. This online extension features student submissions to share the many animals of MSJ and bring a smile to your face.

A Maltese Poodle, Teddy loves sitting outside of the window and barking at anything that moves, a habit much appreciated by owner Senior Aditi Nukala.

Pepper is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog who is very expressive and loves to play fetch with owner Sophomore Ansh Singh.

This is Riley, English Teacher Sandra Cohen’s Portuguese Water Dog, sitting pretty with her turkey scarf.

Sophomore Ashika Kuchhangi is the proud owner of Sophie, a spunky Shih Tzu.

Senior Cindy Yuan describes her Mini Lop Bunny, named Chubby, as a “smart bunny who can open his own cage and escape” and a “speedy bunny who can outrun all the neighborhood cats.”

Lily, the pet Maltese-Shitzu of Sophomore Janet Cui and Senior Grace Cui, was born on Christmas last year. She has chewed up and eaten an eos lip balm, multiple colored pens, Grace’s lab notebook, Janet’s math notebook, rolls of toilet paper, boxes of tissues, and many other objects.

Senior Jessica Yeung’s American Cocker Spaniel Hachiko loves to roll in dirt and stare at his bird siblings for hours.

Duke, Junior Kikue Higuchi’s Dachshund mix, is pictured with a tissue box on his head because he was being a bad dog and chewing up the household tissues.

Junior Pearl Feng’s Shiba Inu Georgie is known for being energetic outside the house, but sleepy inside the house. He is pictured here as Santa Claus.

Labrador-Collie mix Shadow is a four-year-old dog who prefers old tennis balls over chew-toys. He has cured the cynophobia of many of the friends of owner Senior Viplav Dodeja.

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