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Newsbytes: Plane Crash, Air Force Secretary confirmed, Floods in Canada, Stormtrooper costume

By Staff Writers Hannah Chou & Jenny Miao

Local — Two men found dead in plane crash
A small plane crashed near Lake Berryessa, located less than 20 miles from Napa, CA, on May 8, killing 55-year-old Jon Murray Karkow and 41-year-old Cagri Sever, employees of Vacaville-based private aircraft production company called ICON Aircraft. According to NBC News, the cause for the crash remains unknown, but ICON Aircraft’s airplanes have been widely regarded as well-designed. The Federal Aviation Administration and local officials are currently investigating the incident.

National —Heather Wilson confirmed as Air Force secretary
The Senate has officially confirmed Heather Wilson as Air Force secretary, making her President Donald Trump’s first nominee to “be approved by the GOP-led chamber after fits and starts for several others,” according to ABC News. Before the nomination, Wilson represented New Mexico in the House of Representatives, and also served as a defense industry consultant. However, her post-congressional work raised concerns among Democrats, as she allegedly made arrangements with government laboratories that paid her $200,000 a month. Wilson has denied these suspicions, and no action can be taken unless they are proven to be true.

International — Four missing in Canada’s worst flooding in decades
A combination of melting snow and higher-than-average spring rainfall resulted in four missing people in parts of Canada due to excessive flooding. In Quebec, police are currently searching for a man and a toddler, who were swept away after their car swerved into a river, and in British Columbia, rescuers are currently searching for two men. According to BBC News, the flooding has affected 146 Quebec communities and created more than 1,500 evacuees, deeming this year’s flooding to be one of the worst in decades.

Quirky — Stormtrooper costume results in school-wide evacuation
A high school student in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin dressed up as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars on May 4, prompting a frightened parent to call 911 and causing the school to issue an evacuation. The student dressed up as a Stormtrooper in celebration for what many fans call “Star Wars Day,” since “May the Fourth” sounds similar to “May the Force.” According to SFGate, Ashwaubenon Police Captain Jody Crocker says that the parent reacted correctly because any threat, real or otherwise, should not be taken lightly.

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