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Migos Concert Review

By Staff Writer Ansh Patel

The Atlanta-based rap group, Migos, composed of artists Quavo (Quavious Marshall), Takeoff (Kirshnik Ball), and Offset (Kiari Cephus) continued their Culture album tour at The Warfield theater in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Hundreds of fans packed the venue eager to watch the show. The energy and buzz about the concert was tangible, with lines extending around the block and cars rushing into parking lots hoping to make it in time.

Once inside the theater, fans crowded the floor and balcony of The Warfield, and music played as people moved through security and got settled. Nearly an hour into the start time, DJ Durel made it on stage to open for the trio and to hype up the crowd. The producer took over the stage for another hour, playing modern hip-hop club hits from Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” to Drake and Gucci Mane’s single “Both.” Though the DJ’s vibrant energy kept the crowd pumped for the main performance, many were growing tired of waiting.

Migos finally arrived on stage an hour-and-a-half after their scheduled time. Though their arrival was long awaited, it definitely did not disappoint. The trio entered the stage to their song “Get Right Witcha” off of the Culture album. Quavo took the center of the stage first singing the hook, while Offset and Takeoff joined in on the left and right of the stage to rap their verses. Next, the group transitioned to “Big on Big”, another song off their most recent album. DJ Durel’s improvised mixes and edits to the original songs brought the songs to life and added an extra flare to the performance.

After going through “Brown Paper Bag” and “Slippery,” the group announced that a special guest would be joining them on stage. DJ Durel put on “Kelly Price,” and halfway through the song, Migos brought out Travis Scott (Jacques Webster) to perform his featured verse on the track. The crowd loved the guest appearance, as Scott rarely makes appearances unannounced. Bringing out the rapper as a guest performer transformed the entire atmosphere of the concert. Those disappointed by the initial delay of the performance were now over their frustration and enjoying their time. Scott stayed on stage to perform his summer hit “Pick Up the Phone” that featured a verse from Quavo, giving the fans more of what they wanted. Eventually, Scott left the stage, and let Migos wrap up their performance.

Migos closed out their concert with the two biggest songs off Culture, “T-shirt” and the number one single “Bad and Boujee.” Since these were the group’s most popular recent tracks, fans could easily jump in with the lyrics and close the concert out with flare.

All in all, the concert started out as a disappointment due to Migos’ delay, but exceeded expectations with excellent performances and Scott’s unexpected guest appearance.

Rating: A-

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