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2017-18 Staff Application

Click HERE for the application.

Apply to Journalism* and the Smoke Signal’s 2017-18 Staff! The application is due on February 22 to M-2 by 4 p.m. If you have any questions about the class, please visit our FAQ page.

Here are some helpful tips from current staff members on filling out the application:

“The application may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but don’t let that get to you! It’s important to stay confident. Demonstrate the full extent of your writing ability with the mock article. Let your unique voice shine through on the personal questions. We want to get to know you both as a writer and as a person, so keep in mind that all aspects of the application are important.” — Web Editor Carolyn Ge

“My advice would be to start the application early, be thorough in your responses, and have confidence in your abilities. The Smoke Signal application is definitely intimidating. However, despite the application’s menacing appearance, completing it is definitely worth the effort. I started my application two weeks before it was due, and that allowed me to have plenty of time to create detailed and unique responses without the panicky rush that usually results from procrastination.” — Staff Writer Hannah Chou

“I would say that during the application process and interview to really be yourself and let your personality and quirkiness or uniqueness come through because standing out but in a positive light is good. Being able to show that you have a genuine passion and interest in the Smoke Signal, and that you will put as much effort as possible into your work also goes in your favor.” —  Staff Writer Bethany Woo

Good luck to all applicants! We look forward to reviewing your applications.

 *Joining the Smoke Signal staff means the Journalism class is a part of your schedule. The class and the staff are one. Please be sure you have an available elective in your schedule in order to be eligible.