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Tea Time: Sharetea Review

By Staff Writers Helen Wang & Maggie Zhao

Sharetea had its grand opening on September 23, selling unique teas, creamas, and toppings. Located at 3948 Washington Blvd. in downtown Fremont, this tea store has become popular due to its close proximity to MSJ and its fresh drinks and ingredients. The Smoke Signal decided to find out if Sharetea was really worth sharing.


Service: 4.5/5
When we went at 8 p.m. on a Thursday, it took around 10 minutes to make nine drinks with four employees. Service was also very friendly, as the cashier was familiar with many of the customers coming in at the time. One downside is that the cashier had to explain many of the drinks’ contents to us because the menu didn’t have descriptions.



Ambiance: 4/5
Sharetea has a modern and chic feel with a carefully maintained and clean environment. With wood furnishings and soft background music, it feels like the perfect place to study and catch up with friends. However, the large blocks of gray and white color on the walls are plain and boring. During peak hours, the small store also becomes stuffy and loud.


Price: 3.5/5
Simple brewed teas are around $3, a fairly standard price for tea drinks. However, their fruit teas and milk teas are pricier and closer to the $4 mark. The ice blended drinks, at $4.75, are the most expensive options Sharetea offers. Sharetea is on the pricier side, especially considering toppings cost an extra 50 cents. There are definitely other tea stores in Fremont with more affordable prices.


Taste: 4/5
Sharetea’s drinks taste freshly brewed, but are a little on the sweeter side. For example, the only fault with the oolong milk tea is the excess of sugar. However, they do let you adjust ice and sugar levels, so the sweetness can easily be reduced depending on personal preferences. Some of their teas, like the mango green tea, have a bit of an aftertaste. For instance, the wintermelon tea creama tastes like cake, while the QQ Happy Family milk tea has a sweet milk taste. Sharetea also offers a variety of ice-blended drinks. The strawberry ice blended with lychee de coco tastes refreshing, but the toppings are ill suited for the drink. Sharetea’s best drinks are their fruit teas, brewed teas, and milk teas. On the whole, they have quality drinks.


Sharetea also offers nine different kinds of toppings, ranging from standard toppings like pearls and jelly, to unusual additions like ice cream and mini pearls. Their regular pearls are chewy and harder than most pearls, and the mini pearls are fairly similar. While the kiwi jelly is good, it is not sweet enough. On the other hand, the lychee jelly is a tasty addition to any tea. Ice cream as a tea topping is an interesting idea, but it ends up tasting out of place in the tea.



Overall: 4/5
All in all, Sharetea is a great spot to chat with friends and share some refreshing tea drinks. Despite the slightly higher prices, its large range of drinks, unique toppings, and easily accessible location make Sharetea definitely worth the visit.


Photos by Staff Writers Helen Wang & Maggie Zhao

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