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MSJ’s Original Music Artists

This issue, the Smoke Signal celebrates the music of original student artists in the MSJ community.  Student compositions ranged from individual to collaborative and varied from classical to electronically-synthesized. Read their stories in the paper and listen to their music on our website!


Alexander Lee, 12

Check out his SoundCloud here.

Access his sheet music here.


Emily Jean, 10

Listen to her music on SoundCloud here.

Watch her on YouTube here.


Anthea Cheng, 10

Listen to her on SoundCloud here.


Link Lee, 12 and Zachary Wang, 12

Listen to their work on SoundCloud here.

Take a look at Zachary’s Instagram here and Link’s Instagram here.


Melissa De Guzman, 12

Listen to her music on SoundCloud here.

Watch her videos on YouTube here.


IVivo: Michelle Zhang, 11, Benjamin Wang, 11, Hanlin Wang, 11, April Huang, 11

Watch them on YouTube here.

Listen to their music on Noteflight here.

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