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A Guide to Winterball Asks: Amazing vs. Atrocious

By: Staff Writers Brian Tseng and Michelle Dalarossa

Graphics by: Staff Writer Lucille Njoo

Amazing Asks

1. If you want sparks to fly, bring sparklers. Pyrotechnics are guaranteed to dazzle your date and light a flame in his/her heart. Be careful though: if you don’t have the right chemistry, it might blow up in your face.

WB 52. What could send a more heartfelt message than writing a sonnet? Draw upon your inner Shakespeare to pour your soul out into elegant script. However, it might be difficult to rhyme all the time, so use a dictionary if you think it’s necessary.

3. Serenade your special someone to showcase your true feelings. Sing your heart out or play a musical instrument for a Winter Ball ask he/she will never forget. Bonus points if the song includes his/her name.

WB 3

4. As the saying goes, the fastest way to a loved one’s heart is through one’s stomach. Donuts or ice cream can provide a sugary incentive for your special someone, and chocolate hearts would just be icing on the cake. With enough treats, your date will think you’re the sweetest person around.

Atrocious Asks

WB 4

1. Extreme stalking your crush is a definite no-no (and yes, that includes online stalking). If you want to get to know someone, strike up a conversation after school or shoot them a text. A sincere, “How was your day?” is much more welcoming than camping outside your crush’s house at 1 a.m.

WB 6

2. Proclaiming your undying love for the object of your admiration during class is not a good move. Not only will the entire class stare at you like you’re crazy, the teacher will be flustered and your crush will undoubtedly be embarrassed. First, try to talk to him/her at a more convenient time like lunch. Second, a frenzied declaration of your infatuation will most likely be seen as creepy, not cute, so keep the words “love” and “married” out of the actual ask.

WB 2

3. Refrain from telling every single one of your family members and friends that your crush accepted your ask if you have not asked him/her yet. Nothing is more awkward than being rejected and then forced to tell everyone you know that you were rejected. The order is: ask, and then tell.

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