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SURFBoardE ‘Promotes Positivity’ with New Campaign

By: Staff Writer Tanushri Sundar

High school leadership group SURFBoardE has formed the “Promoting Positivity” campaign to encourage high school students to be kind to one another.  The program allows students to take charge of creating an empathetic environment on campus. SURFBoardE has worked with FUSD staff and local organization ‘Compassionate Fremont’ to design the campaign and has purchased, with donations from the Fremont Unified Student Store, 10,000 individually numbered wristbands that will be distributed among all 42 of FUSD’s schools.

Students are to give bands to peers that they observe acting in a positive, compassionate way. The bands are passed along as students continually notice and award kind behavior throughout the day. Anyone who gives a band can log on to the FUSD website , enter the band number, and describe the positive action that he/she witnessed. This not only creates a ‘path of positivity’ between students but also a visible ‘path’ that the community can access for inspiration, encouraging empathy among the public.

The “Promoting Positivity” campaign is not limited to FUSD schools, as students can award bands to community members as well. SURFBoardE and FUSD Board of Education Student Member Joshua Basa says, “We want this program to expand beyond the district and encourage our entire community to Promote Positivity. As diverse a city as Fremont has become, I look forward to logging on in the future and seeing our bands and their messages travel all over Fremont and beyond.”

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