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Mental Health Coverage: Online Exclusive

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Continuing the Mental Health series, the Smoke Signal brings you coverage of Peer Resource’s “Leave No One in the Dark” benefit show, hosted on Friday, March 20. During the show, Peer Resource discussed the stigma surrounding mental health, read anonymous student submissions about their experiences aloud, and discussed how students could support each other.The benefit show featured 15 acts by talented MSJ students.

“For mental health, MSJ students should know that it is a prevailing problem among students. It may be prevalent in pop culture and other media but it’s actually very different in real life. It’s important to recognize the signs so you can help the people around you.”

-Samiha Alam, 12, Peer Resource


“It’s very relevant for the current-day high school students. I think now it is more about mental health. It has greater relevance because of the incidents happening around the Bay Area at Palo Alto High and Gunn High School. It’s good that MSJ students recognize the importance of this issue and address it in a manner which makes it fun and engaging. The stigma is very real and it’s common for students with mental health issues to be ostracized. The students should encourage their friends and peers to share their feelings and provide an ear for their stories.”

-Rajesh Gupta, Parent


“I think having all these people here and pairing it with entertainment in a fun way helps us talk about it and spark awareness of the issue. I think it’s a good thing we gave lots of information in between the acts, because it’s an issue but not everyone knows about it.”

-Ashvath Balgovind, 11, Peer Resource


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