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ASB Candidate Interviews: President & Secretary

Presidential Candidate


Justin Yue

Smoke Signal: What are some changes you would like to implement in the upcoming year as ASB president?

Justin Yue: I think one thing I really want to emphasize next year is to encourage students to contribute their feedback and opinion for school/ASB-related events. For example, they can tell us what they thought went well about certain events, such as the blood drive, and what could be improved for next time. I think by sending out a Google doc survey on the Facebook group, and also actively encouraging students to contribute their feedback, possibly giving out papers during read to ask them to write about their opinions, I think that would be a good way to encourage students to feel more like they’re connected to ASB and as if they have more of a voice in the management.

SS: Why do you think you’re running unopposed?

JY: I think I have the experience as serving as ASB Treasurer, as well as class president for two years, I think that I’m the most ideal candidate for ASB President and that’s possibly why I’m the only one running.

SS: What’s the most difficult obstacle you’ve encountered, and how did you handle it?

JY: I think the most difficult experience I’ve been through is trying to voice my opinion. When I was first elected as ASB Treasurer, I remember there were times when I felt kind of uncertain of my choice and I didn’t really want to speak up for what I thought was right, or my opinions. But now I realize I have to trust myself and kind of trust my own decisions, but also to be receptive of other people’s ideas and feedback as well.

SS: What made you want to run for this position?

JY: While serving as ASB Treasurer last year, it was really rewarding to see kind of the impact that I have on the school. Whether that be managing the student store or taking part in school-wide events, I think it’s a really valuable experience to know that I can leave a legacy or an impact on students at MSJ. For me, that was the reason why I chose to run.

SS: If you could choose anything at all to represent who are you are going into this position, what would it be and why?

JY: I think going into this position I would see myself as kind of a plant or a flower. That’s because I always think there’s room to grow. Even though I’ve had had experience in student government, I think ASB President would be an entirely different level. I think there will be a lot of challenges as well, but I think there will be many kind of happy experiences, and I’m excited to experience them. I think just growing as a person and getting to know the student body better.

SS: And here’s the last question! What do you think your personal mission statement is?

JY: I think that would be to lead to empower others. I personally think that a good leader is someone how can create an organization, or kind of this system, where even after I, or the leaders leave, people after us will still be able to carry on the legacy or carry on the functions of the organization. And so that’s kind of the epitome of a successful leader – when you can create an organization or something that will sustain even after you leave.


Secretary Candidate


Brian Chou

Smoke Signal: What are some things you hope accomplish as Secretary in the upcoming school year?

Brian Chou: I am hoping to improve communications between the student body and the ASB officers, so that their opinions and suggestions can be heard and possibly incorporated into the decisions made.

SS: What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

BC: I believe that my experiences with school related activities, such as Leadership II, class, and clubs make me most suitable for this position and allow me to stand out from the other candidates.

SS: What is the most difficult obstacle you’ve encountered and how did you handle it?

BC: The most difficult obstacle I’ve encountered was getting tens of thousands of dollars to pay for our Prom Deposit and we’re almost there! The keys to handling this were patience, perseverance, staying optimistic; we just took it day by day while asking businesses to help out.

SS: What do you think is the most important role of a secretary?

BC:  The most important role of the ASB Secretary is getting information out to the MSJ student body; whether it be organizing the marquee, uploading checks and minutes on the ASB website, or making the weekly read meet announcements.

SS: What made you want to run for this position?

BC:  Working closely with the current ASB officers in Leadership II as well has the amazing experience of being a class officer inspired me to want to help our school in a more direct way, and being an ASB officer is the most close a student can get to making an impact!

SS: What past experiences do you think will help you in this position?

BC:   As I mentioned before, my experiences as a class officer, Leadership II student, and club officer have definitely prepared me for this position, because they have allowed me to familiarize myself with the forms used, checks and minutes, and the way council and cabinet are run.

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