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Cyber Monday Shopping List

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By: Staff Writer Monica Tang


Cyber Monday is finally here, and you have already prepared your stash of power bars and energy drinks for the big day. There’s only one thing missing: the formidable shopping list, which signals long hours of drooping eyes and poring over miles of ads–hardly enjoyable when combined with a turkey hangover. Discouraged? No worries. The Smoke Signal has kindly compiled a concise shopping list to help ease your Cyber Monday fears and save you precious time so that you can score that Barbie doll house or action figure you’ve always wanted. (Right?)


1. Flat-screen TVs

Flat-screen TVs are a steal on Cyber Monday, and have countless practical uses besides simply watching television. Not only can you project your glamorous face on the wall in stunning HD, you can also take it a step further, surround yourself with a curtain, and pose as the Wizard of Oz. Or, you could just listen to the weather report – your choice.


2. Video games and consoles

There is nothing quite like cozying up on the couch on a chilly autumn day and playing first-person shooting games after going Cyber Monday shopping and losing all faith in humanity. That said, take a shot at purchasing a few video games or gaming consoles at ridiculously low prices and prepare for Thanksgiving break withdrawal.


3. Home appliances

Cyber Monday serves up delicious discounts in the kitchen as well as in home and garden in general. Stock up on cookware and large kitchen appliances to replace your battered gear from Thanksgiving cooking fiascos and Epic Meal Time experiments, or dig around for cheap bargains on power tools.


4. Laptop/tablet

Are you tired of that antiquated tablet you bought a whole week ago? Don’t fret! According to, this is the prime time to get a doorbuster deal on a laptop or tablet, so this is your chance to swap out that outdated metal slab for a brand new tablet, now with minor but revolutionary changes such as a screen half a centimeter wider than previous models and a fancy name to brag about to all your soon-to-be jealous friends. Just remember to research the ground-breaking tablet coming out two days later (three years in technology time!) so that you are ready for your next Cyber Monday.

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