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Class of 2015 Senior Homecoming Review



Captain Kirk: Spock, bring up the deco on the screen.

Spock: Captain, the seniors have really gone all out this year. Look at these cardboard cutouts. They really add to the feel of The Great Gatsby.

Captain Kirk: Don’t forget the chandeliers too. They’re so detailed that I almost thought that they were real. Spock, sit tight. They’re starting!

Spock: This rock band is bringing the house down, and I can’t help but dance to the beat.

Captain Kirk: Are they singing that song from the last World Cup? Is it “Wavin’ Flag”?

Spock: It appears so. These people wearing the shirts from over the years truly shows the growth of the class.

Captain Kirk: Watch out, Spock. Here comes the skit! It captures the spirit of The Great Gatsby.

Spock: These voiceovers are quite impressive. But Captain, I must ask–what kind of dancing is this? I’ve never seen it before, and with grass skirts nonetheless.

Captain Kirk: This, my friend, is Tahitian dancing. And well-coordinated at that.

Spock: This one I know–it must be Bollywood.

Captain Kirk: How do you know that?

Spock: The choreography tipped me off. And another smooth transition to the skit. This organization is uncanny. And look at these impressive lifts!

Captain Kirk: Speaking of stunts, take a look at this fight scene. Really gets the adrenaline flowing.

Spock: Our cadets could definitely learn something from this.

Captain Kirk: Yes, the actors sure have their bases covered. It seems that some of the jokes fell flat though…and so has the audio. Kudos to the seniors for filling up the gap with their class chant!

Spock: They appear to be wrapping up the skit with the girls’ hiphop airband.

Captain Kirk: It seems to be a spirited end to an exemplary performance.

Spock: You know, I would normally never be so enthusiastic. But today’s crowd really pumped me up.

Captain Kirk: It sure did. The seniors’ class spirit came through not only in their skit, but also in their airbands and deco.

Spock: As they said, this is it. The seniors delivered, and I’m still in awe of everything they did.

Captain Kirk: Beam me up, Scotty. I may leave this planet, but I’ll never forget this experience. The senior performance will always have a special place in my memories.

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