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Class of 2016 Junior Homecoming Review



Flynn: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, bring out your pom-poms. We’re going to watch the juniors’ homecoming performance!

Rapunzel: It’s 12 PM, the usual noontime lineup. When will the performance begin? Wow, look at all these decorations. It must have taken forever to make that house of cards over the ramp.

Flynn: The building cut-outs on the other ramp are also a clever tie-in to the original Now You See Me movie.

Rapunzel: Right? The die hanging over the audience are a nice touch too.

Flynn: I guess you could say the juniors’ decorations are to “die” for.

Rapunzel: Hold on, I love this song. It’s so classic.

Flynn: Yeah, the singers are doing a great job, but I can’t hear their voices that well over the rest of the band.

Rapunzel: Oh, stop whining and enjoy the performance. Look, they’re throwing out roses! I want one. Or ten. Ten would look really good in my braid.


A few minutes later…


Rapunzel: The voiceovers in the skit are really well coordinated with the acting so far. I like that it’s easy to tell who’s saying what.

Flynn: Agreed, the acting matches the voiceovers nicely. The plot is still a little difficult to follow, though.

Rapunzel: Ooh, look, an airband. Wait, why are they all wearing different colors?

Flynn: It’s a unity airband, so they have one dancer from every grade.

Rapunzel: Wow, they’re killing it. The juniors are starting off really strong.

Flynn: Speaking of strong, check out this fight scene. This is crazy intense.

Rapunzel: The girls’ jazz airband is coming on! Holy smokes, they’re clearly great dancers. They’re so in sync too.

Flynn: Oh, is another airband starting? I didn’t notice a smooth transition from the skit. The Bollywood performers are enthusiastic, too, but the previous airbands set a high bar to live up to.

Rapunzel: Wait, why is it raining money? Did we win?

Flynn: I think Mission got the money back from Kennedy, but the events leading up to the ending were kind of hard to follow.

Rapunzel: Don’t be such a downer, Flynn. You’ll miss the next airband. These hip hop performers are amazing. Is that guy break-dancing?

Flynn: Yeah, at last I see the light. It’s as if they’re setting the stage ablaze.

Rapunzel: Aw, the performers look like they’re having so much fun on stage for the ending dance.

Flynn: The juniors in the audience seem like they’re enjoying themselves too. Come to think of it, all the classes seemed to be pretty involved and spirited throughout the performance.

Rapunzel: Looks like their magic cast a spell on all of us with their enthusiastic spirit and airbands.

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