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RFL Live Coverage: 3:00-6:00

By: Staff Writer Megan Ren

The hot afternoon was punctuated with a lively water balloon fight. Participants lined up in pairs facing each other, tossing a water balloon and stepping back to farther distances until the balloon popped. The final two teams each received spirit points.


Shortly after the water balloon fight, there was an intense competition of Mr. Relay. In the talent show round, the male contestants performed impressive break dancing and some singing. Judges narrowed down the participants to three men, who then demonstrated some creativity in rocking the cat walk, some doing cart wheels throughout the length of the make-shift runway.


In the next round, contestants named their idols and their ideal dates. The dynamic duo of Sophomores Chris Kwok and Jonathan Luo made everyone laugh with their detailed description of a romantic walk by the beach. However, it was the last part of the competition that best correlated with RFL’s goal for the day. The remaining contestants were asked to collect as much money as possible in a span of three minutes. In the end, Senior David Kim took away the honorary title of “Mr. Relay.”


The next performance brought some culture to the stage as Senior Megan Jose wowed the audience with her Tahitian hula dancing. After the event-filled afternoon, Freshman Kira Chan said, “I think [the activities] were really creative and they keep the participants entertained.”


Photos: Staff Writer Lillian Zhao

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