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New Girls’ Lockers

By: Iyesha Puri


Over the past few years, MSJ has been working on receiving donations and funds from parents and PFA in order to replace the 50-year-old lockers in the Girls Locker room. Five years ago, the lockers in the Boys Locker room were renovated but at the time, MSJ did not have enough funds to replace the lockers in the Girls Locker room as well. Throughout these past three years after MSJ received sufficient funds,  the PE department has been working on replacing the lockers, row by row. On February 7th and 8th, the remaining two rows of old lockers in the Girls Locker room will be renovated.

These new lockers are double the size of the old ones and are much more durable. Many girls prefer these lockers including Sophomore Urmi Mustafi who shares her positive experience, “The new lockers are very spacious and it’s much easier to fit our backpacks and clothes in it! I really like the way they look and I’m glad that we got them changed.”


Photos: Staff Writer Iyesha Puri


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