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Phoenix Poetry Slam

By: Katie Sun



Kadie Yazd, 10

Phoenix Art and Literary Magazine held a poetry slam from 6-9 PM on Saturday, February 1 in the Little Theatre. The event was a fundraiser for the production of their annual magazine, which showcases MSJ students’ artwork, writing, and talent. The slam featured singing, dancing, acting, and a poetry competition.


The show began with Phoenix’s Editor-in-Chief, Senior Vivian Jair, reciting a poem titled “The Lost Generation” by Jonathan Reed. Emcee Junior Sneha Patkar narrated the night, keeping the audience entertained with puns and jokes, and later performing a rousing rendition of “Let it Go”, from the Frozen soundtrack. Juniors Gelsey Plaza, Cristen Berger, and Ipsita Chatterjee sang an arrangement of “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Highlights of the evening included MSJ’s Show Choir singing “What I Did for Love”, and Juniors Steven Yung and Sagar Samantarai beatboxing. Sophomore Kadie Yazd’s dramatic interpretation of “Girl, Interrupted”, thoroughly captured the audience’s attention and won her an enthusiastic round of applause. A bboy (breakdancing) battle between sophomores Kevin Wen and Chris Kwok left the audience cheering and hollering.


Sarina Chitre, 10

A brief intermission offered pizza, drinks and snacks for sale, and an opportunity to chat with the performers. The show continued with the traditional poetry competition, where participants took to the stage to deliver their selections, which ranged from poignant to comical. The slam concluded with more singing and dancing acts, including an appearance by the MSJ Syncopasians, who performed “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran.

Overall, the night was a success, full of laughter, talent, and poetry. Submissions for the magazine can be made in English classes and will begin in mid-February. The publication will be released in late May.


Photos: Staff Writer Katie Sun

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