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4:00-6:00: Live Coverage of MSJ Robotics Tournament

By: Melissa Peng

During semifinals, the alliance Pink Fruffy Unicorns and CHS Robotics 49ers competed against the Purple Reign and Acrobots partnership, while CHS Robotics and Topsy Turvy faced Lemon Drops and RoboCats. The first alliance to win twice in each bracket advanced to finals.

Both the Pink Fruffy Unicorns and CHS Robotics alliances secured their place in finals by winning. After two intense matches and its accompaniment of thunderous chanting from the audience, CHS Robotics established itself as the undefeated victor of MSJ’s FTC qualifier, with Pink Fruffy Unicorns in second place.

Shortly after finals was the awards ceremony. Pink Fruffy Unicorns took home the Finalist Alliance award with CHS Robotics 49ers for making it to the final match of the tournament. The judges chose CHS Robotics 49ers as the team that best exemplified the challenge of the FTC competition, which strives to teach the value of hard work, innovation, and group effort. The 49ers are thus the recipients of the Inspire award and will be move on to the Norcal Regional Championships along with CHS Robotics.



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