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Feel this Tour Concert Review

By: Alumnus Ben Cohen

Anticipation was stirring as the Warfield Theater filled with people. Since Sleeping With Sirens had just lost their guitarist Jesse Lawson the crowd was anxious to see who their new member was going to be. Our Last Night came on the stage first to charge up the crowd with a good dose of their heavy cover songs.

Issues came on the stage next as Issues dropped the hammer with some of their hit songs like “Princeton Ave” and “King Of Amarillo.” Their style of combining DJ scratching and chunky breakdowns and bringing it all together with Tyler Carter’s amazing clean vocal melodies really got San Francisco moving.

Then as the “Savages” banner came down for Breathe Carolina an explosion of lights happened on the stage with their exciting stage presence and wobbly dub step and even some heavy screaming. Even though this was Breathe Carolina’s first tour without their vocalist Kyle Even, they still made their presence known to the Bay Area playing some their biggest hits like “Hit and Run” and “Blackout.”

As soon as it was time for Sleeping with Sirens every girl in the theater erupted as Kellin Quinn made his way to the stage. With their amazingly high rock vocals and heavy melodies, the Florida natives really brought down the house.

Playing some of their biggest songs off the new album like “Satellites” and “Congratulations” made the whole theater go crazy. And as a real treat Sleeping with Sirens played one of their earliest hits, “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn,” as a slow song so that the fans could hear a new side of the band. And finishing their set with “If You Can’t Hang” put a real exclamation point on the night for everyone.

The Feel This tour was a complete success thanks to the variety of alternative bands that showed up. Not to mention that this was one of the biggest headlining tours that Sleeping with Sirens has ever been on. This tour was a real eye opener for the alternative scene to see just how far the band has come since their first album, With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear.

Since this tour played a big role in promoting Sleeping With Siren’s new album Feel, from the looks of the notoriety the Feel This tour was getting this might be one of their biggest albums yet.

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