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Paramore Ticket Giveaway

Congratulations to Freshman Chhavi Singal, winner of the ticket giveaway.

Hello MSJ!  Paramore is playing at the SAP center in San Jose on Friday, October 18, and we have two tickets to give away!

Watched the freshman skit today?  Great, you’ve completed step one!

Answer the questions below and email your answers to no later than 11:00PM TONIGHT.  Follow this format:

Subject line: Paramore Ticket Giveaway

Body of email:



Third period classroom

Answers to questions

Everyone who correctly answers all of the questions will be entered into a raffle.  The winner of the two tickets will be announced tomorrow.

Good luck!


1. What did the Titans steal?

2. On what did the four ride to get to Paradise Falls and what is its name?

3. Who does Dug think is secretly a Titan?



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