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Rachel Tevlin: Running of the Teachers

By: Hannah Shih

The Running of the Teachers, a name penned by San Jose teachers, is an annual event in which teachers visit office supplies chain stores to receive tote bags of free supplies and to raise attention regarding the deficit of school supplies in many public schools. US History Teacher Rachel Tevlin participated this year, mapping out a 93-mile route between nine different stores, starting in Union City and heading south and east to end in Livermore. However, the meager offerings from all the stores resulted in useless tote bags, books of coupons, $207. 03 spent from her own pocket, and none of the free folders, pencils, and binders she had expected. The disappointing results of this year’s Running of the Teachers was reported on by the San Francisco Chronicle, and the response has been overwhelming, with Ms. Tevlin receiving emails from teachers all over the country, three large boxes of supplies, and around four hundred dollars in donations.


US History Teacher Rachel Tevlin, who drove 93 miles to participate in the Running of the Teachers.

Photo: Hannah Shih

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