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Top 5 Superbowl Commercials

By Sai Chilakapati

Aside from the commotion that the Super Bowl causes for avid football fans, the Super Bowl is also known for its multi-million dollar ads that captivate and entertain viewers. However, this year’s commercials failed to meet the Super Bowl standards. Most commercials were too obvious as in the Toyota Ad which promoted its brand with a direct emotional appeal rather than entertaining the audience. Here are the Smoke Signal’s top five picks for the best 2012 Super Bowl commercials:

1. Chrysler – “Its Half Time America”

This commercial was the most powerful and emotionally riveting commercial of all. Featuring Clint Eastwood, this ad provided an inspiring tribute to America by highlighting the struggle and success of Detroit, the Motor City, as a symbol of America’s vigor and strength. Closing with an optimistic message of America’s future, this ad captured the hearts of the millions of viewers


2. Volkswagen – “ The Bark Side”

A remix of the Star Wars Imperial march sung by barking dogs, this commercial converted a dark song into a cute and appealing song that brought laughter to the audience.






3. Oikos Yogurt – “The Tease”

Centered on a lovable couple sharing their Oikos Yogurt, this commercial provides a shocking twist as the wife takes out her husband after the husband decides to tease his wife by not sharing the yogurt which caught the audience by surprise and resulted in laughter.




4. Audi –” The Vampire Party”

Vampire jokes don’t get old. This commercial portrays Audi’s revered lights in a unique and humorous way that captured the audience’s attention. Having lights that harness the power of a sun, this commercial jokingly shows a vampire party being destroyed the vampires were burnt alive by the intense light from the car’s headlights.




5. Bud Light – “Rescue Dog”

A man’s ultimate dream, this commercial presents an awesome and tireless dog, named WeGo, that delivers Bud Light to any adult in the party who says “Here We Go.” Presented in a humorous and attractive manner, this Bud Light commercial caught the party spirit of the audience.


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