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Sarah Palin: The Ideal American Woman

By: Omar El-Sadany

July 4, 1776. April 9, 1865. July 2, 1964. The signing of the Declaration of Independence, the end of the Civil War, the legislation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; all of these dates have had a profound effect on American History. This coming winter history may add another critical date to its ranks. Nov. 14, 2010 marks the much awaited premier of TLC’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’, hosted by none other than the delightful Sarah Palin herself.

The show, which outlines Palin’s treks all over Alaska with her family, blesses viewers with the opportunity to receive a more intimate view into one of the most charismatic, intelligent, and inspirational women to grace American politics.

America needs more women like Palin. Even though her capacity for raising a family has been questioned ever since her daughter was impregnated at the age of 17, Palin is nonetheless the woman for this country. Despite the fact that according to her Africa is a country, or that she is incapable of naming a newspaper or magazine in an interview, or the fact that most of the world points the finger at her for costing McCain the election, Palin is the type of role model that more and more children need to look up to. She has demonstrated an aptitude for public speaking and a canny ability for answering questions (exemplified by her renowned interviews with Katie Couric). She also has a solid foundation in foreign politics, one that has been developed thanks to Alaska’s close proximity to Russia.

It is refreshing to see Palin bounce back so resiliently after her unjust and heartbreaking loss as Senator John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 elections; on that fateful November day, when Palin lost, America lost the opportunity to have a strong, competent leader. But Washington D.C.’s loss has been blessing in disguise. This show, coupled with Palin’s participation as a political commentator on the beacon of unbiased and bipartisan news that is Fox Channel, has given America’s foremost hockey mom the opportunity to relay her wisdom to the youthful adolescents of tomorrow.

Palin has become the blueprint for the ideal modern American woman, beautiful, smart, but strong: a powerful speaker, politician, governor and a moose hunter. And starting November 14, all of America will finally have the opportunity to appreciate that.

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